Week 1 Run 1 Done! Just right!

New blog as I couldn't open last my one!

Pleased to say I did my first run last night.

I found the podcast great - simplicity itself. No looking at stopwatches and trying to remember how many run segments I'd done.

I found the run segments went very quickly and at first found it fairly ok (I have a little fitness through walking the dog). As the segments went through I found that I was needing the 90mins recovery bit more and more. Having said that, I did slightly pick up the pace in run segment 7 and finished with a faster striding run in run segment 8 which left me really out of puff. The 5 min cool down was certainly needed.

So overall I found it just right. It was certainly taxing (I had a big glow afterwards) but not totally exhausting.

I also feel that I've achieved what I set out to do and was scheduled for me. Perhaps if I'd gone under my own steam I might have felt that 60sec run segments were not enough?

Lastly, Laura saying well done actually felt good. It was nice to have a virtual pat on the back, even though I appreciate it wasn't real or aimed at me!

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  • Well done! Sounds ideal for you - keep going, before you know it you'll be running for 30 minutes!

  • Thanks louby43!

  • Well done! The programme is really well thought out, it stretches you just enough to challenge you, but without being so hard it becomes disheartening (although I was ready to throw my running shoes in the canal at various points in week 9 - it wasn't actually Laura's fault)

  • Well done! I did my first run last night too. Keep going, I know you can do it!

  • Thanks both!

    Pelephant - WELL DONE AS WELL!!!!!! How did you find it?

  • Well done. I had to bully my husband into listening to Laura- he was sure she wasn't asking enough of him in the 60 second runs, but by the time he'd done 8 he was ready to admit she might know what she was talking about :) And don't be too sure she can't see you, just obey her orders and accept all the praise she hands out- you've earned it and you're going to keep on working for it! :)

  • LOL happierswimming!

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