W6R1 abandoned

I've had to abandoned W6R1 yesterday I'm so annoyed because the weather was lashing down on and off then it stops so off I went but decided to wear a winter jumper, woolly hat and a rain cap on top together with my winter jacket in case it's cold stupid me it's June I should know better.

I started the podcast and Laura started talking about the run, I thought that's ok, walk 5 mins, run 5 mins, walk 3 mins, run 8 mins and so on. I managed the first five minutes walk by the end of that walk the woolly hat and the rain cap came off, done the 5 mins run ok, walked for 3 mins the jacket came off so all I had on was the winter jumper with my jacket around my waste quite uncomfortable, I started running for the 8 mins was managing ok-ish though struggling but when Laura said you are half way through that was it her interruption got me completely off track and I had no choice but to abandoned the run on 4 mins of the 8 mins run feeling over heated and very restricted with the jumper and the music didn't help either.

I'm trying to find a way to edit the podcast and add different music instead of Laura's musics it's killing me, I found it too slow for the run I would like something more faster than those ones she plays, I want kick butt musics that get me going.

I shall catch up with W6R1 on Friday. Moan over.

I could have gone finishing that run if it wasn't for the clothes I wore from now on I will just wear t.shirt and thin hoodie no matter if it rains.

I'm catching up with W6 R1 on Friday then try the next one on Sunday. The good thing with it my body has taken to the run I can easily just get going once Laura says 123 go.


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10 Replies

  • I was thinking about something similar the other day when I did my first run in the rain. I had NO idea what to wear, and still don't so I just braved it and went out in a t shirt. It wasn't raining as I left but I knew it was going to during my run. It did, I got wet but it never bothered me. As you say fine in June but maybe not October. I have cycling jackets I wear in the rain/winter but didn't know if they'd do??

  • Your cycling jackets should be fine. I use a lot of my cycling tops (and used to use a lightweight cycling jacket) as they have pockets and running tops don't seem to.

  • Hi Lochie68, for now I have decided to just wear a t.shirt, jogging trousers and a light hoodie for cloudy or rainy weather. It's far more lighter and easier to follow the podcast.


  • I don't think you can edit the NHS podcasts but there are other c25k apps out there that you can put your own music too. If you search this site you should find something

    Your last sentence - do you mean you don't warm up before running? If so you could be setting yourself up for injury.

    Good luck with your next run. I'm sure you'll 'nail it' 😀

  • Hi AnnieW55,

    I warm up by doing the five minuted walk before any run, I found that helps and been ok so far with no injury.

    Thanks for the tips about c25k apps, I need to get the musics sorted because I know for sure I will fail the rest of the podcast with just Laura's musics bless her, I do like her encouragement just her music is a killer.


  • I think Laura's music is designed to get you running in beat- so that you don't run to fast, and have the energy to complete the run. It can be a pain and I understand that sometimes you what some more upbeat music though. There is an NHS Couch to 5k app available instead of the podcast where you can play your own music, (Joy!) but the voice over will still cut in to tell you how far you are/when to walk run etc.

    I feel your pain about the clothing, I had the same issue myself this week and was jealously eyeing up all the runners in their light weight waterproof jackets. That's reminded me- I'm off to do some online shopping! 😄

  • Hi Rere,

    Thanks for telling me about the NHS Couch to 5K app where you can add your own music, does that app have specific name, I shall browse and hopefully I can find it I do not mind at all if the voice over cut the music that's exactly what I'm looking for.

    Though loving Laura's voice I just cannot take any more if her music and know I will fail the rest of the podcast.


  • It's quite difficult to find. Type in 'one you couch to 5k'. It's a public health England app on the App Store, green background, white writing, with the 5k in yellow'.

    It took me a while to find it!

  • I've never listened to Laura's music. Just set C2k going on my touch and then use my own music from my playlists.

  • Hi. I know people on here enjoy following Laura, but I use c25k by ZenLabs - it's exactly the same programme as far as I can see, but you can listen to your own music if you want. I actually listen to podcasts as I'm running and it works fine. It might be worth experimenting with the app. Good luck!

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