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Running and the runs

I graduated about a month ago (finally - it took me closer to 9 months than 9 weeks, thanks to a combination of injury and a super-stressful new job that left me with no time or energy to run) and since then I've been running 2-3 times a week. 1 or 2 of those runs are around 25 - 30 minutes, plus one run at the weekend when I try to up the time by about five minutes.

My problem is that I can't seem to run without getting the runs afterwards. After the 25-30 minute runs it's usually just one trip to the loo as soon as I get home, but when I try to up my distance it's led to me spending the rest of the evening on the loo, and in considerable pain.

I always run in the evenings, before dinner. I might have a banana before going out, but nothing heavier. I drink some water before going out and when I come back, and I drink plenty of water during the day so I don't think dehydration is a problem. I recently tried running with a bottle of water, but that made no difference. My pace is around 9.30-10mins a mile, which feels comfortable to me. If I try to slow down it feels unnaturally slow and I end up back at my normal pace - so I don't think I'm going too fast.

Have other people had the same issue? What did you do to fix it? Any advice/suggestion gratefully received! Thanks!

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Maybe it's the stress playing a part here, having pain like that though I think I'd be inclined to go to the Doctor's...


I'd go to the docs if I was you, they will be able to help and good luck, I hope you're sorted soon x


Love your post, I feel ur pain! I was fine when I was doing 5ks but as soon as I did longer runs up to 10, a few times at around 5k, terrible cramps and I had to find a tree in the woods! It doesn't happen every time and if I can, I run on an empty tummy. Not sure how to fix it, it is a nightmare,M that's y I run in the countryside!


Oh no! No woods round here - I'm in London - so I am really worried about getting caught short in the middle of a run. So far I've always made it back in time.

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Some people take imodium before running. I get that sometimes, but usually welcome it as I am usually troubled by the opposite problem!


I didn't think of taking imodium before a run. I've been taking plenty after a run, but I'll try it before going out to see if that makes a difference. Thanks!


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