Week 1 run 2

I'm out of puff.

Found today's run a lot harder mentally, everything about today made me just want to sit down and give up. My first run was during a "nothing" day by today I was in hospital (I'm a student nurse) for half the day and the other half was spent with my S.O who has bipolar and is on a low swing at the moment which is emotionally draining as I hate to see him like that.

To be perfectly honest if it hadn't been for a message from Mark (i don't know how to tag you but thank you!!) I may not have gone out at all. Plus all the many lovely replies on my last post kept me excited so that helped LOADS thanks everyone!!

On my cool down walk back I wrote my other half a message just resolving a few things that were on my mind. At first whilst I was running I felt frustrated because I couldn't "get my head in the game" but I think really I should just take whatever my mind wants to churn up and in that moment it was him. Messaging him helped offload a bit and I think we both feel a lot better for the catch up.

Sooooo that's where I'm at right now! A little stiff and worn out but hoping it's gonna help me sleep as I have my first ever A&E shift tomorrow that I'm bricking it about!

Hope everyone else's day has gone well x


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19 Replies

  • If it seems too hard............slow down.

    Stick with it and you will find running time becomes brain sorting time.

  • You are set up for your shift! You have had a great run and you are feeling positive :)

    Slow and steady is the way to do it... take your time, lose the stresses and strains and just enjoy the journey :)

  • Well done for getting out there even though you didn't feel like it! Glad you got some stuff resolved too. I'm definitely finding that my runs help me resolve things that I'd otherwise have stewed over. And my goodness, I'm sleeping better.

    Congratulations on another successful run and best of luck for your shift tomorrow xx

  • Inevitable some days will be easier than others. Good luck with your work. It's never as difficult as you think it will be

  • Hey, well done. I did my Wk1R2 on Sunday and so am at the same spot as you. Run 3 tomorrow...yikes! I was going to go out today but I can't believe how stiff and sore I am so am resting today and go for it again tomorrow. Slow but sure I keep reading. I am taking that advice. Well done you and good luck tomorrow x

  • Well done, I completed run 2 today and really get where your coming from in terms of not feeling it initially. I am buzzing now though and so glad I did it. Keep going and I hope your first A and E shift goes ok. 👍🏻👍🏻

  • You did great with that run, and you will do great with your shift!

    The 'me time' from running is a support to many of us, keep running to ensure you are capitalising in it.

  • Littlehannahg, well done!

    Going out when you don't feel like it, is a sure way to gremlin bash! I'm sure you will soon see the benefits in all areas of your life. 😀 Not easy to support a SO, but good on you for that too!

    (To tag, use the @ symbol and start typing the name.)

    Best wishes for A&E tomorrow. 👍

  • you'll be amazed a how your stamina comes on as the programmes progresses.

    You could be like me....slower than a sleepy sloth whose been drinking decaf, if it means you finish the run

  • Ps you've also learnt early on that even as you build your stamina, so much about running is mental!

  • Yay!!! Well done. Please don't think I was nagging you, but I really felt that you might benefit from a gentle nudge. So pleased that you got out for W1r2.

    You may find that these runs give you a little time to yourself, an oasis in the hectic desert of modern life. Sounds like you have a pressured job, an ongoing caring responsibility for your SO, and your own challenges. It is great that you found a solution to today's problem. running will do that, it as much conditioning for your mind as your body.

  • Well done! You could have given up and yet you was strong enough to get out and do it so you should be mega proud of yourself. Good luck for your shift tomorrow, however you will be amazing! 😊

  • Well done Hannah . The hardest bit is getting out the door , you are doing well , keep it up . Be positive , next run will be better , I am sure . Be positive , your shift will be fine , natural to feel anxious starting somewhere new . First day is the hardest , your shift will fly by as I am sure you will be very busy .

  • What is a SO? 😮

  • It stands for significant other :)

  • Ok. Nice

  • Best of luck with your AAnd E shift and the next run and well done for getting out there !

  • Thanks for all the lovely messages! My shift went really well and I had so much fun :) x

  • Hope you feeling better and had a good shift. It was w1r2 and l started thinking if l will make it to w9😏

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