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First run in 3 months :D

I completed couch to 5k back in March and ran for a while until May when I got struck down with tendonitis and exams. I then posted on here to start again nd ironically got knocked off my bike buy a car the day i wanted to start running again.

After completely psychologically freaking myself out about running I put on my shoes and managed 1.5 miles in 20 minutes! Very happy I've still got it... So now time to lose that weight i've piled back on joy!

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Gosh, you've been through a lot! It's great that you're out there again and that you did 20 minutes! But where's your graduate badge? Just click the link on the right hand side here.


Welcome back - lets hope things settle down a bit for you now! Enjoy your running.


Hope you get some lovely runs now to get you back to 30 mins running.☺


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