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Week 5 Run 3 check but brain bully at it again!

Despite feeling so not like running today after helping my son and his partner move home yesterday...I went out and did it...Wahoo! Noticed my brain bully at it though going 'oh Yeh if this is hard so week 5 will be impossible so why not give up now' ggrrr. Did my best to ignore it and continued to the end. Not looked at week 5 yet but will later to let it settle before Tuesday :-/

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I'm confuseded😞have you just finished week 5 run 3?


Doh ahead of myself see...just done wk4 run3 !


See? Even in your head, week 5 run 3 is already in the bag :) Well done, week 4 done and dusted!


Ha ha yep ill hold on to that one :-)


You will get there! Helping someone move is nearly as exhausting as moving yourself,,, have a nice rest day now! Week five awaits!

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I break dow the 'long' runs. Gasping ofr air ten minutes into a twent? - heck I ran TWO eights a while ago so ONE eight is EMINENTLY doable...and when I do that and there is two minutes left- am I REALLY going to let a 'success day' turn into a 'practice day' over a lousy TWO MINUTES? Heck no

And so it goes - today was not easy but if I had run it mentally in one huge chunk of thirty it would have been much harder. Instead I kept splitting the time left into the portions of past segments - the fiteen, the tens, eights, five fours whatever :) And that is why I carry my Famous Kitchen Timer. Much easier to carry in my hand than a phone, much easier to see and much more reliable than a phone that might switch off if the screen gets bumped -or like this morning the earbuds go on the fritz. :)

Keep on keeping on- you WILL get there :)


Well done for getting to the end of Week 4! Week 5 is doable, trust the programme, it has prepared you for it so you WILL be able to do it! :)


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