Week 5 run 3

Yes, I actually did it :D I ran for 20 mins :D I was soooo worried about it last night, but I just did what Laura said, ran slow, did good breathing. Wow. It started hard, but before I knew it she was saying five mins and half way. It feels fantastic, as if being a real runner is now do able. I just kept on thinking, too, how nice it would be to post how I'd done it on these boards. Thanks everyone!

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  • Well done! That is a real achievement and shows what you can do! Isn't it an amazing feeling?

  • Thanks Hilary. I never would have believed it. I'm addicted!

  • That happened to me too! And from struggling with running for a minute and begging Laura to let me stop I caught myself thinking yesterday "only ten minutes to go- that's ok"

  • Well done. That 20 minute run is a real turning point mentally isn't it? At least it was for me. I'm sure you're going to be grinning from ear to ear all day ! Enjoy your success ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

  • The 20 minute run is an important milestone - well done you! Enjoy the feeling and make sure you have a day's rest before your next run.

  • Well done - it is a great feeling and you did it :-) Congrats!

  • Well done. That's the second hardest run of the program in my opinion, after W1R1. Graduation is in sight.

  • So well done! That is definitely the two biggest mental challenges done and dusted. Just slow and steady now, another few weeks and you'll be on that podium :)

  • Well done! W5R3 is a great achievement!! No stopping you now!! :)

  • Woo hoo! Thanks guys.

  • Great reading this! My W5R3 on Saturday and R2 tomorrow. I'm already worrying but trying to stay positive...good motivation to read others doing it. Thanks and WELL DONE!

  • Oh I mustve missed this , sorry :-)

    Just wanted to say a Massive Well done to you ! This is such a huge milestone in the programme and you should be so proud of yourself !

    Onwards ! :-) xxx

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