I did it..... Actually managed 5K😀

Those of you who have read my previous posts will now I am bit of a tortoise speed wise, not that that's a big problem as I am still proud of graduating last week.

Today I decided not to think about pace but to try and aim for 5k regardless of how long it takes me, I have more time at weekends, so off I went at 7.30 this morning, it had stopped raining, so that was a bonus.

I went at a steady slow pace and I did it, I actually managed a full 5k, I felt like s real runner as another runner waved across at me..... I got home with a big smile on my beetroot face☺️

I also had a health check at work this week and at 53 I was told that I was very healthy and fit, my pulse and BP very low, resting pulse of 53 and cholesterol and diabetes risk below the national average so really pleased.

I may not of lost the weight through running, walking and zumba, but I am probably fitter now then I have ever been.

Anyone looking around thinking can I do this - yes you can! And believe me it's worth it.

Happy Sunday everyone


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12 Replies

  • Brilliant run 5k - wow ! I love this post. Healthy is so much more important than just weight loss. I just hope I get the thumbs up at my next check up. Maybe I should wait until I can do 5k too! Enjoy your smiley Sunday 😀😀

  • Possum I'm sure you will be surprised how much difference a bit of exercise makes, the other thing that I've done over the last month is ditch hot drinks at work, apart from one mint tea when I get in, I'm now managing to drink at least 1500mls of water during the day.

    As someone who has never been good at drinking much it's been hard, but using an infuser bottle I'm now in the habit, it's made a great difference to my skin, and I feel healthier for not having so much tea, not quite cracked the weekends yet but getting better.

    I totally agree that healthy is the key, don't get me wrong I still need to lose some weight but I'm hoping slowly the healthier habits will start to have an effect.

    Good luck on your journey !!

  • I agree about the water. I'm pretty good about drinking plenty but I've stopped taking a bottle to work with me now. I get a small glass from the kitchen when I get to work and keep going to fill it up. Makes me move away from the computer regularly 😀

  • Good plan!😄

  • Great post and well done on the 5k - enjoy your day :-)

  • Thanks Kate 😄

  • A lovely positive post. Given me a motivational kick as have been wondering whether to put my run off until the morning. I won't now, I shall go today. Thank you.

  • Glad I've helped 😎

  • What a post. What a great achievement! I love that you 'feel like a real runner'. And you're so right about all the incidentals too. I really didn't believe what a difference drinking more water could make. All these fancy fads and fitness gizmos around and really, a pair of legs, plenty of hydration and a bit of determination are the only things we need to get going. Lovely post. Congrats on your 5k :)

  • Thank you just wish it hadn't taken me so long to realise 😳

  • Well done on all counts!! 5k is a great achievement and it's wonderful you feel so healthy! You are a real runner, most definitely!!

  • A great achievement. Not long after graduation too.Happy Running!

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