W6 R2 - Sand!

Well new day new challenge. I didn't go for my run this morning as I had a bad night sleep. I made a promise that I would take my dog to the beach. Well... I got changed and straight back into the car with my dog & Husband in tow. My husband had a nice gentle walk while me and the dog did the program. I stayed to the firmer sand but wow what a workout! The pain was immense! I did my two 10 min runs and covered over just over 2 miles again. Looking forward to my hill. I will never complain about it again. It's bliss compared to the beach! Looking forward to the 25 mins!!!

Happy running all


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  • Running on sand! sounds like hard work! Well done for getting through tho, and sound like you, hubby and dog had a good time! I will have to give it a go sometime when the tide is out! :) Good luck with your run 3........................ :)

  • I can tell you from experience It's painful!!! My legs are still aching!

  • Even walking on sand is hard work. Well done. Best wishes.

  • I'm not sadistic by nature, but are there any dunes where you ran? If so, bite the bullet and run up and down them on a regular basis (assuming that they are not protected or fragile). The strengthening of your legs will be incredible, and next time you hit a road/trail hill you will fly up it.

    Good luck.

  • Actually there are dunes too. Might have to give that a go!

  • Dunes are a killer. They play havoc with your legs, but maybe that's why so many professional sportsmen (rugby players, F1 drivers etc) use them.

    Good luck with them ~ you WILL need it!

  • I'm going to graduate before I think of trying this. Maybe do W1 once a week on the dunes!

  • I'm a firm believer that running should be enjoyable, which is precisely why I don't run on dunes!

  • Sand dunes! Sallycycle that sounds hardcore. Mustgetin I'll be making a note that you said you'll never complain again.. ;-)

  • Only about my hill!!! There are plenty of other things I'm sure!! :-)

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