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So after badly spraining my ankle 8 weeks ago I finally went to the walk in centre and got it checked and had an X-ray. I explained how I'd done it during the warm up for a race for life and that it's still swollen and very painful. Staff were fab and sent me straight for an X-ray. Came back all clear. Only thing that's getting to me is that the nurse said "you see, with soft tissue damage you're looking at 4-6 weeks to heal" to which I answered "it's already been 8". Her answer: "oh." So I left feeling no further forward and the fear that they haven't looked at it properly. I'm going stir crazy not running, it's affecting my weight and my mood (just ask my husband). It sucks. Xx

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Poor you. I broke my leg about 8 years ago and lots of problems with swelling and soft tissue issues and found the NHS pretty unhelpful. Fortunately,on the advice of a friend, I went to see a physiotherapist who sorted me out and got me back on track. I didn't need many visits but he gave me good exercises to do and in my case showed my hubby how to massage my leg daily. If you can afford / find a good one it would probably benefit you enormously. Alternatively, you could try persuading your gp to refer you but that would take longer.


So sorry you are still having problems with your ankle. I agree with Oldpossum, a physio might help. You could always ask your GP for a referral? Really hope things start to improve for you soon.


I agree with the others' advice. Get to a sports physio because they'll be able to massage it properly to get rid of the hard tissue. I badly sprained my ankle before I ran but because I didn't get it looked at at the time it gave me problems when I did start this programme years later. The physio said I should have had it checked over at the time but it's all ok now.

I know it's a bummer being on the IC but running is a lifelong commitment and so this is only temporary. Keep the faith. You'll be running again.


Soft tissue can take a while! You will have to be patient. Ice is marvellous so get the freezer stocked up. Paper or polystyrene cups, silicone bun moulds, marg tubs etc that will hold a goodly amount of water. As often as possible get your legs up, play the ice over the affected part (towels underneath you). Do this as often as possible. I take it your are on a course of inti-inflams cum painkillers. The anti-inflam bit takes a while to kick in. While the inflammation is still very painful you can't really be massaging it but once it subsides you could try foam rolling the adjacent areas, rolling away from the poorly spot. One minute at a time for rolling though. You have to be careful. You might not need to foam roll at all if it shows signs of responding to the ice and elevation, medication

When you do get back to running it will be for a few minutes at a time til every third day, and only for a short distance.

Keep checking back in here with updates and to keep in the loop as the Injury couch can be such a lonely place. Chin up!


Thanks all for your comments. I was icing it but stopped as I didn't think it would do anything after such a long time. I've been taking painkillers and anti inflammatory tablets only when I've really needed them so perhaps I need to take them a bit more regularly. On reflection I haven't really done anything to help heal my ankle other than mutter and moan (how British of me). If it's no better in 2 weeks I'll go to the doctor and ask to see a physio after all, if you don't ask you don't get. Xx


My osteopath told me that anti inflammatory tablets work best if you take them regularly rather than just when you need them.

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Totally agree it's so frustrating not being able to run :(! If it's really bothering you then see if you can go to a sports physio - it was pricey but worth it for me. The one I saw was so much more thorough than my GP when she checked me over, feeling all round my ankle, asking what hurts, checking the movement in different ways. She explained in a lot of detail exactly which tendon was problematic and what was going on inside my foot. Then she gave me specific details of when I can run again which I what I most wanted to know (she said when I can hop on my left foot and my ankle feels as 'springy' as my right then I am ready to run again). Although it doesn't quicken the healing process, knowing for sure what was wrong and having advice specific to my injury was worth every penny if you ask me!


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