W7R3 now on the IC :(

So took my other route as its a good long downhill/flat once the first 5 min up hill running is over & my knee continued to niggle. This time though after the 10 mins when it's usually feeling all good it didn't. I slowed it down & carried on but at 21 minutes it really started to hurt until I eventually was limp running. Just managed the 25 mins when my leg completely went from under me :(

Other half was already on his way at this point as I was 2 miles from home. Now I'm feeling very sorry for myself & in pain. On the plus side I managed to finish W7 yaaaay



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12 Replies

  • Oh no. Hope you feel better soon. Definitely make sure you recover properly! I was on the IC for 10 days after graduating and was worried about not being able to run again but it was fine. The big blocks of running in week 7, 8, 9 were quite a transition.... So take care of yourself and you'll be back out there soon! 

  • Thank you. I've had an issue with this knee for about 5 or 6 years maybe more. I tore a ligament & it's never been right since. Hoping a few days rest will help xx

  • Oh what a blow for you , that is such a shame .

    Heres wishing you a speedy recovery, take care xxx

  • Sorry to hear about your injury, and so near to the end of the programme too.  Make sure you allow yourself enough rest, you'll be back in no time.

  • Oh no, hope you're on the mend soon x

  • Oh no, I hope you feel better soon! Take care x

  • Please be careful and don't run with any niggles - I had a massive IT band problem when I first did the programme a couple of years ago - my favourite run sounds similar to yours; a big hill to start then a long sweeping downhill followed by the remainder being flat. I actually found it was the hills that caused the problem. My knee had been niggly for a few weeks since starting that route but I ignored it, thinking I'd run on through and it would all be ok. It wasn't - my leg gave way and I couldn't even hobble home, my sister had to come and collect me in the car. I was so bad I couldn't run for 6 months (having reached W9R2!). I have never run hills since then and had no further IT band problems. Wishing you a speedy recovery x

  • Thank you, yes sounds very familiar. When my leg gave out I was on the flat & had been for around 4-5 minutes, although it's pavement with small ups, downs & wobbly bits as we all know how great the pavements are here in the UK!!

    I managed to hobble back a few hundred yards to sit on a wall while waiting for my Fiancé to rescue me. I could hardly weight bare at all. 

    Once in the house it was actually much better after I took my trainers off. I am convinced it's still to do with the trainers even though I got them a few weeks ago as my others hurt more than the actual running :0 

    I'm a bit hobbly today but at least I sit at a desk all day at work lol. I'm going to get my gait done tomorrow if possible as I refuse to give up now although I'm not going to attempt to run until at least Tuesday


  • Definitely worth getting your gait analysed, although you will need to run on a treadmill for a short period for them to assess you properly so make sure you're ok to do that! I remember it being so frustrating as I had the ability to run in terms of energy etc, it was just my leg! Good luck x

  • He Runs She Runs have the electronic thingy where you just stand on it rather than the treadmill running from what my Mum remembers who had hers done a few months back. I'm sure I'll be ok, what's the worse that can happen?? Oh yeah I keel over in front of the whole place hahaha x

  • Oh no! Sounds like you need a bit of a rest! Look into getting a support and if you have to limp-run that can't be a good thing. But I know what it feels like to go out when you know you shouldn't be! Get well soon and don't worry too much about fitness, I don't think you lose it as quickly as you think. 10 days rest doesn't affect it apparently (my W6R3 no interval run last night was the best in a long time) - and two weeks probably wouldn't either if you can bear it!

  • That's what makes it so frustrating, I'd already said I was going to get a knee strap/support tomorrow when hitting the shops for some holiday bits, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It couldn't just wait could it!!! hahaha xx

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