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Still on IC and overwhelmed by forum

Just a note to say GPs have still no idea what is wrong with me - referred to rhuematologist (normal referral time in NI is - wait for it - 2.5 years !!!!) I have an appointment at the end of June. Still don't know if I can run on 'good' days, on 'bad' days I may not be able to walk, drive, use my arm etc.

Does anyone else find the recent increase in daily posts on the forum a bit overwhelming - I used to read every post but now I look at the 100+ and some days just don't even go there.


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Hi you!

I am really sorry you are still struggling with this and to find a diagnosis...it all sounds very worrying but maybe by the end of June, you will have an answer!

This post made me smile... there are indeed so, so many posts... I find it impossible to keep up with my replies and my time set for those responses has had to be really limited:) Full time job does not even begin to describe it:)

The New Year tide of Newbies has not abated... and they still come...e.g. we had 218 new members in march and 428 in April....:)

Stay with us.. and choose a select few to read... :) Always informative and often amusing...maybe someone may even be having the same issues as you and have an answer to this for you... take real care of yourself..we miss you x

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428 in April!!! That's nuts! You and IT do a brilliant job here Floss. Don't ever leave xxx

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Oldfloss I am on week 6 and have really appreciated the advice and guidance from the admins and mentors, and we appreciate the amount of time you all spend on this, it is seriously appreciated 😀


What a crock Ziggy. I do hope you get it sorted. I'm sure you're worried and fed up in equal measure. Keep us posted.

Spookily, I had a peek this here morning and thought exactly the same as you just before I saw your post. It's got sooooo busy and although it's brilliant to see so many people here wanting to start the programme, I do miss "the good old days" when it was much more intimate 🙂

Sadly many of the oldies appear to have left although there are still a few of us around 😏 I'm too nosey and always like to see what others are up to but although I browse I don't post as often as I use to.

Please don't disappear as you've been here longer than me I think.

All the best and let us know how you get on at your appointment.


It's a bit like Facebook, you have to be selective about what you read otherwise you can spend hours scrolling and it can become mildly addictive... I tend to look at just the posts for the week I am on (listed lower down) as they are more relevant to me rather than all the posts from folk just starting out. Having said that, its great that so many people are taking up running and joining this awesome forum 😀👍😀


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