Getting a grip (on my ice cream habit!)

Well, here I am on the third week of 'week one' and still not yet feeling ready to move on to week two...I suppose to be fair to myself, I'm trying to redress a lifetime of exercise avoidance (other than when the kids were young and I was doing circuit training at the PTA of our 'dads' was a county player and I remember thinking that it was quite easy, feeling a bit smug when I saw how some of the others goes around comes around, eh!!)

I went out this afternoon to try to see whether a different time of day might feel less arduous. It didn't. However I gritted my teeth and kept going, as you do...and I'm now showered and waiting for my tea to cook, feeling tired but glad that I went out despite the usual argument with my 'lower self' which was trying to dream up all sorts of valid reasons not to go!

Still, this is my third week and somehow I'm still going. I do find it easier running when it's less hot, I must admit, That's got to be partly to do with my weight so there is every reason to continue.

I also bought a proper stainless steel ball type ice cream scoop with a spring in the Lakeland sale the hope that having three pretty measured balls of ice cream in a dish as opposed to great unfettered lumps of it, might help to moderate my serious salted caramel ice cream obsession.

I'm going to do this, dammit!


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  • You will, dammit!!

  • Ooh ice cream - salted caramel ice cream!, sorry what I meant to say is well done for getting through to week 3 and keeping going when it's been tough. Hope the scoop helps πŸ˜€

  • You will! If you can finish the runs in week 1 why not move on to see how you do with week2? You will surprise yourself and feel you've really earned that ice cream!

  • I agree Ully - move on up. For me those runs never felt comfortable, but somehow the next week is still achievable.

  • Yes Mamahen you are in fact doing it. Well done to you, great stuff.

  • Blimey..well will do this!!!

    One ball of ice😏

    You can do it....use a very small spoon..take you longer to eat it😏

    Sooo glad I don't like ice cream..😏

  • Move on up Mama hen. There wasn't one week when I felt I was ready for the next one! If you've completed the three runs of week one, your body is ready, it's just your mind that needs to catch up! You can do it, ice cream or no ;) :)

  • Of course yoh're going to do this. I agree with the others, move on to w2. You don't have to wait until you can do it with ease. If I somehow or other scraped my way through, I moved on to the next run. Magically it dies seem to work. You think you got through a run by the skin of your teeth, yet after your rest day(s), you manage the next one.

  • Thanks so much everyone, I guess that it's on to week two then! Not sure about just the one scoop of ice cream initially, that is TOUGH! May have to do that in!

    Right, week two, here I come...!!

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