Couch to 5K

Quietly getting on with it and ice running

Afternoon lovely runners :)

Although I've not been on here for a couple of weeks I have been keeping up with the running (just about, as it's been very snowy / icy here recently). I did W4R2 this afternoon and did fine. As this is my second attempt at C25K I'm not experiencing the same emotional rollercoaster as I did the first time around. Back in the summer / autumn when I was at the same point in the program I remember feeling incredulous that I was actually running and marvelled at my progress. I also recall the disbelief entering week 5 that I would ever run continuously for TWENTY minutes! But I did, and of course went on from there to achieve even more milestones.

Now, I'm at a point where running is habitual and routine. Which is good. I feel completely comfortable telling people "I'm going out for a run later" and friends / family / colleagues have become used to it too so I'm no longer a curiosity! :) Indeed, earlier today when I went into my local outdoor shop I had quite the chat with the assistant who helped me chose some gear more suited to the current weather. I felt quite at home, and no longer out of my depth. And I bought some stuff that kept me really toasty on a slippery, windy,snow-covered, muddy, icy, sleeting run that I would have otherwise dreaded. Goodness only knows how I stayed on my feet, but I did and I enjoyed my run. And even better - no sign of injury niggles returning... :)

Happy running C25k-ers and everyone else too!

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"Now, I'm at a point where running is habitual and routine." And that, my friend, is what it's all about! Well done for getting to this point, already at week 4.

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Well yes it is definitely what it's all about :) but I can't take any credit for being a quick responder - I made it all the way to W9R1 in a previous C25k attempt - so it's probably taken me MONTHS to get there! LOL! :)


when it become the normal that is when you are hooked :D isnt it great :D


Definitely! - it gets you in then there's no going back!


It's so nice to see you back and on it hunnibun! I like the cold weather for running though I don't like the strong windy days very much. When you've got the right kit it makes it so much nicer. My best buy: my head buff so no cold ears!


Welcome back atomic. It sounds as if you're well on your way this time. Keep posting and we'll be there at the end to cheer you over the finish line!


Good to see you back Atomic, well done for getting stuck in again . Good Luck, you can do it ! :-D xxx


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