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W4R3 - achievements and promises

Hello everyone!

I saw that the title "laziest woman in the world" was claimed by someone already, but I'm sure I'm a front "runner" for that one ...

and yet today, in the actual bucketing rain, I went out and ran w4r3, with my phone in a plastic bag. I had the park mostly to myself but I'm sure I got some odd looks from the traffic on the way home.

So this week's achievements unlocked, as they say:

W4R3 - more than a third through now and more running than walking!

First proper rainy run - gonna need a baseball cap. Do running wellies exist???

RAN up an uphill bit that I couldn't do last week

also Monday, W4R2, I got up and ran BEFORE BREAKFAST.


I will do post-run stretches more than half-heartedly (but hopefully will be less drippy next time)

I will do some exercise on tomorrow's rest day - have downloaded Strength and Flex but I haven't really taken to it... might just do some yoga

I will get a baseball cap! Or a treadmill...

Thanks to this amazing forum keeping me going :)

PS trying to block out thoughts of week 5... scary!

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Wow, well done you. This running thing gets a bit addictive doesn't it? Yes I think there should be such a thing as running wellies (if not already). I do some yoga from Youtube. There are specific yoga exercises for running, just find some that suit you.


Ah yes - someone posted a yoga for running video the other week, I'll have a look! I have been going to a great yoga class (there's a break over August), if I could bottle the instructor and keep her with me, that would be great. However there's no reason I can't do yoga on my own ... certainly not if I can go out running on my own!

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I really enjoy the youtube stuff as you can do either short or long sessions to suit you. I am not very supple so I like to do the basics and/or the running ones. Some people prefer a class but I prefer doing it at home.


Week 5s just the next step on the journey and nothing to be scared of (even though I was) and you'll be fine

ps, a baseball cap is cheaper


Phone in a bag, thinking about Wellington trainers, yoga for running....

Weeks 5 -9 are toast. You clearly are one of the committed runner club. Brilliantly done well run. P.s I'd buy the cap, unless you have loads of dosh for the treadmill!


Oof I know. Second hand (a mate is selling one...) but still. This was supposed to be a cheap activity! (Though a couple of good sports bras put a dent in that :( )


Ah Berkei shock absorbers don't come cheap....


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