Week 1, run 3

After a non-auspicious start (Laura kept insisting I was at the end of the programme and ready to run the 5k - something crazy going on with my download!!). Resorted to manual timing of intervals, and managed to complete run 3.

Pleased to have done it, but disappointed that after 2 days' rest my back and ankles were giving me a lot of gip. This is the earliest we've done our run (7am straight out of bed), and I wonder if it's easier once I've been up and moving around for an hour or two - will need to monitor.

Going to do at least 1 more week 1 run, as I don't feel comfortable enough yet to move up to week 2. How did others feel? We're you still huffing, puffing and aching when you moved up a level?

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  • We discussed this recently. I am very much in the camp of running after a day of moving about. Whether it's an age thing I don't know. I am nearly 59 and am as stiff as a board in the morning til I get moving so I prefer to run later in the day. It's not always possible but we do what we can

    Just keep going ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • I would try to get the down loads as Laura's encouragement and time prompts proved very beneficial for me. I completed the programme two years ago at the age of 51 never having run since I was at school, quite a shock to my system and my family. It wasn't easy as I was as size 16. Just remember that you are doing it for you and every time you give it a go it is better than being sat on the couch. It's not always hard and it certainly is not easy but hang on in there, it does not matter if you repeat some weeks as long as you are still doing something.

    I prefer to go out in the mornings when its quiet but that does not always happen because of work commitments. Try different times and see what works best for you. The huffing and puffing stops quite quickly.

    I managed to complete a few 5 and one 10 k charity runs, now I dip in and out of the programme to keep up my fitness level.

    I have recommended it to so many friends who say they want to get fit and are too shy or embarrassed to go to the gym.

    It really does work

  • Yep, every time! I never felt ready to move on but somehow pulled it out of the bag every time!

    Unlike Miss W, I do like to run first thing. I find I need to potter around for half an hour or so until the old body loosens up and I can set out.

  • I do run early but give myself an hour or so before I start (time for a coffee and a few drinks of water and get my 'I'm awake now' legs on). The huffing and puffing was the worst for me on week 1 and week 2. It did seem to calm down a bit after that. But my lightbulb moment was at week 5 when I discovered I didn't have to go as fast. I had really struggled through EVERY previous run but managed all of them. On week five I finally plucked up courage to post on here and ask for advice and that was the start of a whole new me! I slowed everything right down to really, really slow and found everything was more manageable. Don't get me wrong, every run was still an effort but not a struggle. And I popped a couple of extra rest days in if my legs were really hurting. Keep on going Caro. Youre doing great :)

  • When I started I experimented with times 9:30 - got very hot 9:30 in the rain still very hot. 18:30 quite nice - got very hot. Oh! it is the exercise that makes me hot and the sun even hotter ๐Ÿ’ก Then in week 5 ๐Ÿ’ก๐Ÿ’ก life goes on and you do what's right for you, reading all the tips on here gave me confidence to try different things.

    Now, depending on stuff I go as early or as late as I can, always very slowly - it may change......

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