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Obese Diabetic Newbie - advice welcomed!

Hi all,

Not sure where to start, but my BMI is over 40 and I am a type 2 diabetic and in my 40's. The last 6 months I have lost nearly 3 stone and been working with a personal trainer to up my fitness levels.

Even though I am overweight I really wanted to try running so have signed up to a supportive c25k Saturday club! I was open an honest about my health and know its a big thing for someone of my size even without health conditions.

I did the first week!

I was the slowest jogger..... but.... I did the first week! :-D

The only downside was I had a moderate hypo after cooling down :-(

I had double vision.... but dextrose sugar tablets picked me back up again and I know from training whenever I push myself harder than I am used to I tend to have sugar drops. I didn't expect one as severe though - but I am hopeful I have contingency plans in place for this Saturday (larger breakfast/banana/more sugar tablets and ginger biscuits - taken before during and in cooldown)

I daren't train on my own due to potentially being ill so I have been upping my cardio in the gym doing interval walking at 4.5 and 5.5k. I jogged on the treadmill with my PT and my job speed is around 6.3/6.4k

I really want to do this, but I am scared I won't be able to one week and I am scared I'll have another hypo....... I think I am in control at the moment and really enjoyed it when my legs worked again! Just wondering what people think out there.

Is what I am doing good with my size/health issues if I am sensible or am I just being stupid?

If anyone has any tips please do share x

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Really well done for the achievements so far. Marvelous!

I would speak to your diabetic nurse about managing your blood sugar. You don't say if you are insulin dependent or on meds, but if the former it might be possible to reduce the insulin rather than upping sugar/carbs going in... But I feel you should consult and get some proper guidance.

Good luck :)


I am on medications but my HBA1C is slowly dropping. I have an appointment at the beginning of feb and I am hopefully reducing medication at that point. I will see if I can have a quick call with the nurse though as I hadn't expected to be as bad as I was - thank you :-)


Well done.

There is ample evidence that regular exercise can ameliorate the effects of diabetes and in some cases eliminate it completely, so you have every incentive to persist.

Congratulations on that weight loss. Keep working on that side, because the running will not, by itself, make you lose weight.

Read this guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... and keep posting your progress.

Don't worry about your speed, that will develop in future. For now just run at a pace at which you can hold a clear ungasping conversation. That is all you need to do.

Enjoy the journey.

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I made it to the end of the guide! Great information - thank you

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You've got stamina then!!


Very well done!

If you want to start running this is the place to come, just a few simple words, keep it slow, don't be tempted to try and run as fast as you think you can, follow the programme closely, and you will benefit from your effort's..😊

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I'm ok with being the slow tortoise - my feet aren't coming off the ground much but they are doing enough for now! Thank you for the enouragement :-)


Please understand that you have a long haul ahead of you - there is no quick fix. This is not meant to be negative - facing reality in the face is a positive thing. The answer lies in "slow and steady" - you need to create a new life with new healthy habits, both in the kitchen and in the gym. Many many people have succeeded in different ways - there is no one specific solution. Look at how Arthur did it


Great clip - although I am hoping the weight loss to go a bit slower if anything! I should reach 50lb loss within the 6 month timeframe :-)

Oddly, this clip made me smile - I started with yoga, pilates and body balance with an encouraging PT to help core strength. Now trying to up areobic ability. You do sometimes look at the health issues and wonder what on earth are you doing but this clip also shows exactly why!

First time ever I have incorporated clean eating and exercise into my weight loss plan and I'm not stopping :-)

Always thought I'd never ever be able to run - and if I only ever do week 1, it is more than I thought I could do. (Although I am off for week 2 session tomorrow!)


Replying to myself!

I graduated yesterday.

Did 5k park run AND I can jog continuously (if slowly!) for 30 minutes.

Get in there!

This IS doable. For everyone if you listen to your body and prepare properly.

Go out there and smash it! X

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