Fit not Fat for 50: W4r1 outside for all to see

My week 4 is being spent on the west coast of Scotland so I have had to abandon the treadmill and face my demons - wobble-jogging outside for all to see. Aha - comes the lightbulb moment - let's get up early to avoid being seen, so 7.30am on Good Friday sees me running through the village. Where did those hills come from? But with Laura's encouragement I pushed myself and made it - yay! Later in the local shop: "Was that you jogging this morning?" Eek, have been rumbled on only my second outdoor run. Time to hold the head high. Whatever wobbles wobbles less than it did 3 weeks ago. I WILL be fit for 50. But it's definitely the beach on Wednesday

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  • I wear magic pants (see Bridget jones question) as an anti-wobble device

  • Sounds perfect will definitely give magic pants a go!

  • And I definitely wobble much less having graduated from C25K!! Keep going....!!

  • That very thought is keeping me going!

  • Well done! Looking forward to hearing what it's like to run on a beach :)

  • Well it's unlikely to be barefoot in the cold and drizzle we are having here. But I'll post the 'results' when I've done it :-)

  • well done you! Must go check out the Magic Pants thread

  • Thank you! No opportunity to buy any magic pants this week so just keeping wobbling! :-)

  • Well done! It's easy to make excuses not to do it when you are not in familiar surroundings.

  • Thanks! This community is very encouraging :-)

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