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Don't worry if it doesn't work for you - but don't give up on getting off the couch


Hi I started c25k in my late 50s, but gave up with winter approaching - cold starts and lack of motivation :-( I am sure I am not alone. It is wonderful if you can complete this course but there is nothing specifically magical about being able to run 5k. Its all about keeping active and fit and enjoying yourself in the process.

Instead I joined a gym where I run but usually stick to about 2.5k along with about 45 mins of weights, rowing and cycling. I do run an occasional 5K to prove to myself that I can now do it (but if I am honest it is boring).

This is not meant to be a negative post. My point is find something you enjoy and do not get despondent if the course seems to much. Just take a bit longer over it or try out other types of activity. I gave up as I just don't enjoy long runs in the cold! But I am I hugely fitter than I was. Now in my 60s I can enjoy long tennis rallies and still feel fresh while my opponent needs a rest (before I felt shattered after about 5 returns) and I recently cycled the 155 mile coast to coast trail between Whitehaven and Sunderland over a few days and loved every minute.

Keep fit and have fun!

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Great post for putting things into perspective. Running in winter is no fun (mostly), but a gentle run in the spring sunshine with flowers and trees bursting into life around you can be very therapeutic!


If you find running 5K boring, you cannot be doing park runs! Great social atmosphere and lots of encouragement. Best of all, free to register and run. We tried the gym thing and found it full of the wrong kind of people for us. It was also an expensive way of getting fit. But horses for courses. As long as you are keeping fit and enjoying, keep on keeping on.

But I will pull you up on one thing. For very many people, there IS something magical about being able to run 5K. This program is not about "gym bunnies" it is about people who have not done or done very little exercise, getting off the couch and getting outside and improving their chances of a longer and happier life. I would guess that for very many on here Gym membership and charges would mean they stay on the couch.

If you can afford the gym and tennis with your friends, go for it, but C25K has done wonders for very many people on a tight budget.

Nothing negative about your post.🤔

You are keeping yourself fit and enjoyment is everything.🌟👏👏

Also variety.👏👏


Well it does sound as if you are very fit, and your activities are laudable.

I would suggest though, that the majority of people reading this are people like myself, who have decided to get off their backsides and move more, and chose to run 5k, or more accurately, for 30 minutes. This is where we come for advice, support and maybe inspiration.

That said the idea of gym membership does not appeal to me, the tennis does, but no facilities where I live.

Most people can rustle up the cost of a good pair of running shoes, which is really the only financial outlay that is necessary. Everything else is there.

To me that is the ethos of couch to 5k, cheap accessible to all.


Any time, any place, anywhere! That’s the joy of being able to put on your trainers and head off for a run.

In a weird way it doesn’t seem like ‘exercise’ as it is on your own terms.

Personally, I loved the snowy cold winter sessions as they were so invigorating, but it’s horses for courses!

Not negative at all. The 5k is just a catchy title, it's more the personal challenge. Sounds like you have done great.


The reality is if we want to live a long healthy life in which we can continue to live as we like we have to do more, and do it now. More of anything and everything that works for us.

I agree that just running isn't for everyone just as just cycling isn't for everyone. It's all about a balance that works for each individual.

Personally I don't think I'll ever be a gym person, but then I never thought I'd be a runner! 🤣 or a cyclist! 🤣 or an adult! 🤣 or a trucker! 🤣😂 ... the list goes on.

The key is committing to a healthier life and remaining open to activities of all kinds. Some will stick and some won't. As mentioned basic running can be very affordable.

Having a positive mental attitude and ensuring we remain as active and as strong as we can is the name of the game! 👍😁

I agree with all your comments. I did eventually run 5k about 1 yr after i started c25k! And yes it gave me a real sense of achievement. And i agree the gym can be expensive and really boring for some. And i agree running with others is a fantastic experience. My main point is just like so many others here. Don't give up if you get fed up or despondent. It look me a year to get to 5k and it was thoroughly worth the effort. If running does not do it for you. Then there are lots of other activities you can try. But most important find something that gives you a buzz and makes you feel good.

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