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Post Grad - More lessons learned!

It's been around 4 weeks since I graduated, and I've been saving up more 'lessons learned'! So here goes :)

1) My graduation run took place at the Southsea Parkrun. I was determined to finish on a 5K! It took me 40 minutes but I didn't care.. the achievement was worth it

2) I've continued to run 5K 3 times a week since.... I'm not necessarily getting any faster (though I am now knocking a minute off each park run) but wow, I feel stronger!!!! If you're running 4k in 30 minutes, 5k is literally just around the corner

3) Park runs are a brilliant experience... I got quite emotional running with other people after having spent 9 weeks running on my own!!! A round of applause at the end makes it all worthwhile

4) I've had stitch in all sorts of strange places - but I realised that a tight 'tummy belt' might not have been helping!!!! I'm all for extra help to tone my tummy so bought a cheap tummy belt which makes me sweat even more. I've found it a useful support for my back too though, I've just not go to make it too tight!

5) It isn't gremlins or physical impairments that are my nemesis. It's 'headwind'!! gets me every time

6) then again, needing to go to the toilet half way into a 5K run has its own challenges. I don't need to go into detail, but keeping butt cheeks tight whilst running means you run like a peacock.

7) I haven't been doing a full 5 minute warm up.. it takes me 3 minutes to walk to the end of my road, and that becomes 'python-esque'. The ministry of silly walks have seen nothing like it, as I roll out my shoulders and stretch out my calves/thighs as I move along! Even the pigeons look bemused.

8) I still couldn't talk to another human being whilst running... but I always manage to say hello to a bird/animal/dog that appears on my route

9) Laura's post grad podcasts didn't work for me as they were too slow - but, if I hadn't tried I wouldn't have learnt some better techniques and learnt more about 'beats per minute' (see additional post). So worth a go.

10) rubbish in, rubbish out. I'm much healthier generally, but occasionally I'll have a day of eating/drinking rubbish, thinking that I will just 'run it off'. Inevitably the run doesn't go too well as my body hasn't got the right fuel inside. I also just feel 'uncomfortable' so really trying not to see running as antidote to being bad!

11) My asthma has never been a problem throughout the programme, for which I am truly grateful. I always used my asthma as an excuse not to run and fully expected to fail at ct5k. I use Symbicort inhalers daily and always take out a ventilin just in case, but have never needed to use it.

12) When my legs start to slow down, I stick my chest out and move my arms more.. for some reason my legs start to mirror my arms!!!

So there you go... hope you find the above useful!!!! I'm still getting so much out of running and as of this week, starting to extend the 5k by 5 minutes at a time. Great South run here I come :)

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Really great observations! I live in Southsea opposite the pyramids! Haven't tried parkrun yet (mainly due to being fast asleep at 9am on a Saturday) but think I will at some point! Will be great knowing there're another C25ker there! We live in such a great place to run, don't we? :)


I live near the eastern road....never thought I'd be one of the folks running along it!!!!! I used to enjoy a few glasses of wine on a Friday night and then sleep in on Saturdays.... Running has changed all that! I now take it easy on the Friday and love being on the seafront Saturday morning. I can highly recommend the park runs, great atmosphere, support and scenery!,

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