Proud of myself - don't give up

Well I had a rubbish nights sleep, got up and half dressed ready for my run. Then I thought to myself I wasn't feeling great as had a tummy ache (too much food and alcohol from the day before!). Now I do suffer also from runners tummy so was serious thinking that I'd be better off going for a run later maybe early evening, but knew I wouldn't and the weather may change. So I continued to get dressed and decided to do a slow 40 minute run. Was important to run no matter how slow I went - moving is the important thing. At the end of my 41 minutes I saw that I had done 2.96 miles so I decided to continue until did 5K. I've not managed 5K yet so this was a fab feeling and it wasn't my slowest run either. The weather today was lovely and I'm so proud of myself. I also hope this helps others reading this to know that you can do it - just have to get out there. Enjoy

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  • Well done, and you did 5K! And you beat the gremlins, they have all sorts of excuses in there armoury to try and dissuade you from running!

  • LOL. Thanks

  • Wwell done for competing with the gremlins. Please tell what runners tummy is?

  • Thanks. Runners tummy isn't something you want to get. I won't go into detail but I get a terrible stomach pain and have to stop and evacuate my bowels!

  • Sounds like you had a mighty old battle getting out there so hats off to you for actually going.You have been justly rewarded for your efforts with managing the 5k, well done.

  • Thanks

  • Thanks

  • Yes just get the gear on while telling yourself you're not going. Ha ha, it works every time. "Oh no I aint going, oh yes I am", as you pull on those pants. Soon as you have the gear on you aint going anywhere else!

    Good for you. A positive attitude is required for this malarky. Love it!!

  • Thanks. Yep I have this argument with myself regularly!!

  • Well done! That's a real milestone. I bet you are glad you got out there.

  • I am one happy lady!

  • Congratulations! Isn't it funny how sometimes things just come together even when you don't think you're at your best? Very well done.

  • That's so true. Thanks.

  • Well done. Funny how unpredictable it all is.

  • It is indeed. Thanks

  • Well done Jo, isnt it an amazing feeling when you get out there and it all falls into place , fab stuff ! :-) xxx

  • It is. Now just to keep it up! Thanks

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