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5 to 10K

I am a C25K graduate of around 18months, but I am struggling with motivation and keep going for periods without running, then once I finally get my head sorted and get back out there find I am having to bring myself back to where I was which is also not helping with my mindset and motivation! I was thinking that I may need a new challenge/target to aim for and thought I would try moving up to 10K. After looking on the NHS site I was disappointed to find they do not have any podcasts after the C25K, searching online brings bucket-loads to choose from! Can anyone recommend any podcasts they have successfully used to move from 5 to 10K? Thanks

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There are not specific podcasts but we do have a bridge to 10km forum with lots of good advice and helpful members so please feel free to have a look and come and join us there as well.


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Have you done the stepping stones podcasts then, aka C25k+? They are free to download, still with Laura and get your legs twitching

Sami Murphy bridge to 10k is a fab set of free podcasts, available on here in a Dropbox file. This is with the bad ass Sami M. This is a real blast, and if this doesn't motivate you to run I don't know what will 😊 This is five weeks worth but lasts forever as once you've run it you won't want to leave home without it.


Thanks for responding, I do have the stepping stones podcasts, I used the stamina podcast for my run today but I was looking to move on now and maybe use them occasionally to mix the runs up a bit for variety. Where do I find the Dropbox file? The bridge to 10k sounds like it is what I am looking for and if the general feedback from these are that they are motivating they sound ideal for me. ;o)


Have a look on the right in blue text at "related posts" there is a link there ☺


I graduated a few weeks ago and was struggling without following a structured program. I've downloaded the Zenlabs C210K app and picked this up from wk9 as a C25K graduate. Looks like it's going to be good and what I was looking for. hope this helps


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