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Podcast recommendations for 10k?

Hi, I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find it anywhere. I'm on WK9 R2 and planning my last run for tomorrow so in preparation I was looking at 10k podcasts as I've got a place on one at the end of July - eeek!! Does anyone know if there's a good one to take you from 5K to 10K after you've finished the C25K podcasts? I really enjoy the structure of this one and having someone telling you what you need to do each run and also cheering you on when you feel like you can't do it anymore so any that are similar to this would be fab.

Thanks everyone, I've only just found this forum and wish I'd seen it earlier in the plan as it's a fab way of sharing what we're going through as we struggle through the programme!

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I'm using the Ease into 10K app. This is a 10 week programme, using interval running to build you up to 10K. there is also the bridge to 10K app, which uses a similar programme but over 6 weeks.


Thanks loads, do you know if there's any difference between the apps and podcasts? Just had a brief listen to one of the podcasts, doesn't sound like there's any Laura type cheerleading along the way, I'm going to miss her!! :-)


I don't know if there is a difference to be honest. The app just tells me when to walk and run, and chips in during the running intervals to tell me how much longer there is left to run. There is no Laura equivalent offering advice and encouragement so I just play my running playlist alongside the app :-)


try this, the music is repeated quite a bit but it keeps me going.

it takes a bit to download it, or you could try audiofuel which is very popular but you have to pay for it.


Thanks loads, I downloaded the bridge to 10k podcasts and am going to look at the other ones you've mentioned above alcopop when I get home and back on wifi! Also, I did my last C25K run on Saturday (wooooop!!) and noticed you've both got shiny graduate badges next to your name. How do you get those? Thanks for the help xx


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