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5k to 10k - best podcast?

Hello, I hope that some of you may be able to help me. I completed wk6 r3 of C25K today - which felt fantastic and am looking forward to starting w7 on Sunday.

However, whilst standing in the playground this morning in my running gear I was asked if I would run in a 10k race in October to help my son's school raise money for charity. I didn't really know what to say so said 'yes', partly because I would have felt bad saying 'no' and also because I thought it would be a something to keep me focussed on my running.

I was just wondering if anyone can recommend any good 5k to 10 k podcasts that they have used or a good training plan to follow?



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Sami Murphy Bridge to 10k which is downloadable free from here. I love it. I run it all the time as I like the music very much. There's hours and hours of it. All free. The runs are to be repeated three times. Week 5 is a bit different as there's Run 1, 2 and 3

Try this link

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I've tried that link a number of times, but it never works :(

Any ideas why?

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Yes I agree with MW I use those Sami Murphy podcasts often even though I'm not training for a 10k. There is another set to Bridge to 10K by Bluefin, I like those too, they're a bit trancy...

You could try a Myasics plan too, just put in a few details and they will crunch a plan for you to follow.

Good luck!


10k is a great distance to aim for, and you should have plenty of time before October. I'd strongly suggest you consolidate running for 30 minutes for a week or 2 after W9, then have a go at the C25K+ podcasts for a few weeks before starting. It's quite a big step up to do a bridge to 10k programme, and lots of people get injured after C25K by trying to do too much too soon. As I said, I think you've got plenty of time before October. Allow yourself time to repeat weeks/ skip a few runs etc, and count back from your race date to work out when to start any programme.

Anyway, there are 2 main ways of getting to 10k:

Most bridge to 10k programmes are very similar - back to intervals (typically something like 4 x 10 minutes of running for the first week). I just downloaded a plan and put the intervals into endomondo and used my own music/podcasts to run to. The disadvantage is that all 3 runs in the week are "long" - the shortest being something like 50 minutes including your warm up/cool down walk.

Alternatively you can just do a speed podcast, a stamina podcast and a long run every week, increasing your long run by 10% every week until it gets to 10k.


Thanks so much for the reply. I will definitely take your advice about consolidating. Your explanation of the different options has made me realise that if I am going to do this I need the training to fit in with my (busy) life. Sounds like the best option for me will be to focus on the speed and stamina podcasts and a long run per week. Thanks again, like you say I have loads of time and now have enough information to plan out my training plan. Cheers


Glad to be of help. As Hilbean suggests, you can mix up the 2 shorter runs in the week - you can do hills, intervals, slow run for 30 minutes, "fast" (it's all relative) 5km, etc, etc. Variety will help keep you motivated.


I didn't use any podcasts but I run naked so that I can hear if any cars are creeping up on me! I did my own thing but along the lines that runningnearbeirut suggest with two short runs (you can mix these up how you want) and one long run per week increasing that by 10%. Avoiding injury is the thing so again I would suggest a bit of consolidation before you start. Whatever you decide to do have fun doing it! Happy running :)

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Thanks Hilbean, that's really helpful. The race is in October so I think I just need to remember that I have time to build up my performance. I turn 40 in October too so aiming for a double celebration!


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