This addiction is getting serious !

This addiction is getting serious !

I have added an Apple Watch to my growing fitness paraphernalia ! 😱 With the encouragement of my hubby I hasten to add. When I found out I could download my music to it and leave the phone at home it was too hard to resist. Early graduation gift ? 😀

Ooh. It just buzzed my arm coz I've been sitting still too long. Does it not understand I must read through the forum 😀

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  • Wow!!! It look lush, very jealous ;)

  • Hadn't realised that you can put music onto those things!

  • You got sucked in!!

  • Sure did. Hubby thinks it's hilarious coz I'm normally a complete Luddite when it comes to gadgets. 😀

  • I'm keeping an eye on a pre-loved option. Yours looks very smart tho!

  • Aw that looks fab ! Lucky you xxx

  • I also didn't realise that you could also use it for listening to music. Seriously tempted......

  • Haven't downloaded the music to it yet. Gotta leave something for tomorrow. Getting very excited though. I have to confess I'm a bit of an Apple girl though - love my iPhone. Wish I could use a Mac for work too.

  • Wow that's amazing!!!

  • Very nice. Isn't it strange though how you can go from looking for an old garmin on eBay to buying a shiny new Apple Watch 🤔

  • I know. Very naughty but I love it 😄

  • Love it♥️⏱

  • That looks great.

    I think sometimes the OH just loves the tech - not actually bothered about the running!

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