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Getting serious, need some serious footware

Managed to run 5k in 37mins today, may sound slow but that's a huge improvement for me XD I decided to put my money where my mouth is and joined up to do race for life.

Following some sound advice from this forum I have been resting and stretching between runs and with a month to train before my race I think I am going to get my speed up. However, I have to admit, I have not invested in decent running shoes yet. I have a seriously low budjet but I need to get a decent pair and get used to them before the race. Can anyone give me advice on how to choose a good pair and where to get affordable ones?

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apparently if you go to a running shop that does gait analysis, they will advise you and if you explain budget is tight they can usually get suitable ones from the back , last years. for a decent price. Gait anaylysis is often free, My next move as well, good luck


All I can say is please do get properly assessed, and I so hope you can find a bargain....


I did not get a decent pair despite saying since Christmas time I wanted to, and have recently had 3 weeks out and thought I had mucked up my Achilles. But after seeing a sports physio who said it definitely was not I went to a proper runners sport shop and got them to tell me what trainers I needed.

Best to let them show you as I could not tell the difference between any of the ones I tried on but the man in the shop literally told me to take a pair off after I had only walked up the shop twice as he knew they were not right. Once you know the best make and model of trainers (there must be hundreds) it might be worth looking for the 2013 version on the internet as these will be cheaper as they will have been overtaken by the 2014 model - but still will be the right support etc. They also usually recommend about half to one size larger than your normal shoe size and I agreed with this, usually wear a 6.5 and mine new ones are a 7.

Must confess I have only had mine 2 weeks, worn about 5 times and I did my first 10K today, so cannot say I have felt the need to wear them in.

Good luck with your race for life - make sure you go in pink and have a lovely time.


Definitely get tested, unlike me who you'll see from my recent post now has a pair of expensive running trainers sitting in a box that cripple me if i try to run in them!


Gait analysis is essential in my experience. However, be careful where you go for them - a dedicated running shop is best and you will see plenty recommended on here. Many people like Sweatshop, I use Up and Running and there are other shops. Try to avoid more general sports shops or 'outdoor' type shops even if they have a treadmill as these shops are not ideal for your purpose - they are not staffed by runners for example. If you would like to take a look at my post which I did a couple of weeks ago (you can use the search box above) On the Subject of Buying will see what I mean. Good luck and best wishes.


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