Newbie - Week 3 tomorrow

Hello! I've just joined as it looks like you are a friendly lot from reading the posts linked to from the NHS Couch to 5k website.

I'm slightly scared by the 3 minutes tomorrow, since I did walk for a part of W2R3 where my route goes uphill round a corner. It was admittedly for about 10 seconds at the end of the 5th run, but it still feels a bit like cheating to go into W3 - it's not even very hilly around here! I've worked out that my route is slightly easier going the other way round, so I shall do that and I am running at about 7.30am so at least it won't be hot.

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  • Hey Sleepy sloth, well done you. I can;t give any advice as I've just finished week two today and so having two rest days and then starting again Tuesday or Monday if I feel like it. I think stopping for a few secs sometimes will be inevitable though, dogs in the way, a change of terrain etc so dont worry you'll do great I;m sure :-)

  • I think you can count that as achieved and you are ready to move on. Try slowing down even if you thought you were already slow. It was the advice I was given by wise people on this forum and it works. There is no harm in repeating runs to build stamina and confidence but I would recommend moving on this time and doing that flatter/easier route next time. Hope you are soon posting that you have achieved it.☺

  • Thanks! I think I'm also worried that if I repeat runs when I could move on I'll wind up talking myself out of it.

  • You are doing great by the sound of it. I have my routes which avoid the upward slopes as much as possible but when you hit them take smaller steps and move more slowly. !!

  • Welcome aboard !

    Good to have you here. Please keep posting, it really helps with keeping you focused and motivated .

    We will support you every step of the way .

    Good Luck, youre doing great, keep going ! :-) xxx

  • The best thing you've done (apart from actually start c25k) is join this forum. This is where I found the strength and will power to keep on keeping on and you will too. Good luck for week 3 :)

  • Just carry on :) Move on really slowly and really steadily... take the hills very, very slowly. Just one foot in front of the other..literally...:)

    You will get there... keep posting....we will, as our poppypug says, support and encourage. Just follow the programme and you will get there...

    Hope your run went well! Post later ?

    I am just off now... very late for me.. but it is a tad cooler than the last few days.:)

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