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Week 6 Run 3 when do the endorphins kick in and the flab feel firmer?

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Despite a horrible W6R2 on Saturday I had to tackle R3 today as I have another work trip this week to Italy where the temperature is 30 degrees and I can’t run in that heat!

I hoofed my way round a slightly different route to avoid any inclines and I thought I was at the end when Sarah’s jolly voice announced I still had 5 minutes to go, 5 MINUTES, I thought I would die! I lumbered on and got there but I’m just not getting that running “high” so many of you write about or feeling more toned. Is there a point in the program when it all just falls into place?

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You're not really going to feel more toned from c25k i'm afraid. You'd probably need to consider going to the gym 3 times a week on top of the running and doing some weights and not just flapping around on the cross trainer reading messages on your phone. As to the high, the real kick is usually the feel of accomplishment from having gotten out and done it, you will start to get that when you start to feel a bit fitter, stick with it.. your cardio will improve and you have already gained strength and endurance as you are on week 6 after all not week 1.

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I suspect you're pushing yourself too hard atm. If it feels like "lumbering" then slow it right down until your breathing is under control.

Then your legs will have their opportunity to find their own "happy place".

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Probably not.. you have to follow the plan.. work at it.. put in some serious rest day exercise for core strength and stamina too..

The longer runs are made for relaxing into.. start slow, stay slow, let the legs take you... up the rest day exercise to keep up with those legs..'A healthy eating regime and continuing to run will pay dividends...but it does need you to keep at it :)

Hi I’ve also just done Wk6r3 and it still doesn’t feel much easier as such but I’m trying to be patient and give my body time to get fitter and build it’s stamina. I was dreading this run and weirdly found it a teeny weeny bit easier than the 20min run. It’s so much cooler today thou. Perfect running weather! Let me know how you do wk7r1! I’m doing it Friday

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LaineyhbGraduate in reply to Claireednet

Thank you for your positive response. The first one made me ready to give up, buy a family bag of crisps and never put my trainers on ever again! On a work trip so 2 days rest and my W7R1 with be on Friday too. Good luck! Claireednet

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