Couch to 5K

My journey to week 4

Hi folks,

This is my first post and I wanted to share my couch25k journey so far.

I am 45 and have never really exercised at all.

I completed the first run of week 4 tonight and loved it.

The program is fantastic. The music and Laura's narration are brilliant.

3 months ago I weighed 97kg and could not run at all. I spent many weeks just repeating week 1 over and over. At the start my knees hurt, my hips hurt, but I took it slowly, listened to my body, recovered and then carried on, getting stronger all the time. I stayed on week 2 for about a week, did week 3 for 2 weeks and am now, 3 months later I'm at week 4. My advice is definitely do what's right for you! You don't have to do it in 9 weeks and if you are over weight at the beginning this will probably be a real challenge! Take it slow and you'll get there. I now weigh 82 Kg, feel great and more like a runner. The week 4 music is eclectic, one track is a great 80's sound-alike that reminds me of Nik Kershaw crossed with Duran Duran.

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You certainly have been going about things in the right way and you have made fantastic progress on both the running and weight loss fronts. Respect. Keep on going and keep us posted on your progress.

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Well done Tridor on your achievements so far, you are right about doing at you own pace and listening to your body.

I too am overweight, haven't run since school days 40 years ago, and I have just reached week 9 - it's a great feeling and worth the perseverance, I had to have a break once and extra rest days as my ankles protested, but here I am 3 runs from graduation, and it won't be long before you are too.

Good luck with the next few weeks 😄👟👟👏👏


Well done, thanks for sharing.


Well impressed by your commitment! I made it to the end of week 8 fairly smoothly but then life and a cold/cough put me behind a couple of weeks. Definitely agree with you about the music!


Hey Tridor...well DONE! You must be so pleased with your progress...I'm new here, too and I think that my 'journey' will look a lot like yours in terms of the pace...that's the beauty of this isn't it, we can do it at our speed. So thrilled for you...I'll be ecstatic if some of my weight comes off! Keep posting, I'll look out for you 🙂


Fantastic going - well done, Tridor :) I did W6r2 yesterday evening, and I think it's taken me about 14 weeks to get there so far. I have a slightly dodgy knee which protests if I do too much too quickly, so have built up the running more slowly. And I've wimped out of running during the first half of this week when it was just so ridiculously hot. But I'm getting there, and you are too. Like you say, there's no need to try and do it in 9 weeks if it's better to take longer and stay off the injury couch! :)

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That's very impressive. Assuming all of your weight loss is fat that's roughly 100,000 calorie deficit so I expect you've changed your diet too. It might be worth sharing what you've done diet wise to encourage others who perhaps have expectations of weight loss as part of C25K

Your obvious combination of determination and common sense will see you through

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Hi tridor and welcome to the best running support team you'll find! Sounds like you've been very sensible in your approach and have been rewarded in spades, well done! Looking forward to hearing more about your progress as the weeks go on.


Thank you everyone for your replies, all very supportive and encouraging :-).

When it comes to my weight loss couch25k has been one (brilliant) part of many changes I have made over the past 3 months.

Until April I had never lost weight in my life, it was steadily climbing and for one reason and another I'd had enough and wanted to make a permanent change.

The single phrase that I keep coming back to is 'eat less, move more'. It's easy to say it but much harder to put in to practice.

So I made these changes and I've lost a couple of pounds each week over 3 months, 15KG in total!! Woo!

Brisk dog walks

Start couch25k :-)

Cut down alcohol - I still enjoy a few bottles of beer at the weekend but not in the working week and not a binge.

Reduce the sugar, fat, salt I consume - Making sensible choices, cut down takeaways & processed food. No frying. lean meat not fatty.

Smaller plate - sensible portion sizes

Regular mealtimes

Reach for healthy snacks (apple) instead of sausage roll

Drink more water

I struggle in the evenings not to nibble but I try not to eat after my evening meal.

Don't think I'm saint, I have fallen off the wagon many times but it's ok to enjoy the odd doughnut or chocolate bar or takeaway, that's life, just don't give up and carry on eating the junk, remember why you want to do it and carry on being good.

I also recently joined this program

It's helping me to stick to my changes. Run by my local council, you might have a similar thing in your area, amazingly it's free and run by qualified trainers and nutritionists

At the end of the day you can only make the change when you are ready but even small changes to your diet and activity will have huge benefits. All the little changes really start to add up.

Good luck with your journeys! :-)


Welcome aboard Tridor, good to have you here :-)

Really Well done on the weight loss, that is a fantastic achievement !

Its really good to see how you are taking control of your weight and fitness.

This programme is a complete life changer , the benefits are immense and its really enjoyable too !

Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx


Even more well done

I had a feeling there was more to it. Those 'small changes' add up to one very big change. Sounds like you have the same vices as me!

It's easy for those of us who carry a few extra pounds to look at trim runners and attribute the difference to the exercise. Usually the diet side of things makes more of a difference.

Unless you're much under 5'10" you must be getting pretty close to a healthy weight.


Great weight loss! 15k will mean you look and feel healthier. Can you imagine when you started running you were carrying the equivalent of 15 bags of sugar around with you? The weight loss will help with the running and the running will help with the weight loss. Sounds like you're doing really great :)

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Or 30 tins of Baked Beans ! :-) xxx

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Fantastic post - inspiring, very well done to you and keep up the good work :)


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