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The graduate... (aka couch to...6k!)

Done it!

Week 9 run 3 graduate run today, and what a lovely day for it. First run in the sunshine, first run with no music and first time over 6k!

It's been a great journey over these last 11 weeks or so. Mostly highs, a few lows, lots of cold weather, a minor heel injury but overall really happy with how it has gone and how I now feel compared to at the start of the year.

It took me a week since the last run - managed to injure my heal during week 9 run 2 - but after a bit of rest, ice etc I was ready for it today. Managed 6.1km in my 30 minutes today which I am really happy with.

Plan is now to get some good mileage under my belt and continue the 30 minute runs 3 times a week, then build towards 10k later in the year.

Good luck to everyone on the programme, and thanks to NHS and Laura for putting together such a great programme for us all to get fitter, healthier and happier!

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Wow barryg! That is an amazing distance for 30 mins and for graduation too! You have every reason to feel happy and proud!! :) Big congratulations to you and enjoy your running. You will be at 10k in no time I would think!! ;)

Happy Easter!



Well done, what a speed. I also finished today though much much slower. I've already downloaded the next stages to try and speed me up. I do agree that this is an excellent programme to get us all started.


Congratulations on finishing the program and at top speed, too. Zoom zoom!! :)


Amazing - literally twice as fast as me this morning! :O (There was a big hill though. :) )

Congratulations, really well done.


What a fast graduate run! Well done. :-) Good idea about getting the mileage under your belt, i.e.building up stamina. Think that'll be my approach too after graduation (w7r3 tomorrow).

Hope you're celebrating (wisely) tonight! :-)


Celebrated with a wee bit (well, maybe a bit more than that) of easter egg and a nice glass of red wine! Thanks all, I have taken to the running really well (my dad was a good runner in his youth - think it's in the blood). First parkrun coming up on saturday so looking forward to that too.


Congrats on graduating and fantastic distance :D


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