Under prepared for my half marathon! Help!!!

My training plan was going really well until I started getting tendonitis in my ankle. So my training has been compromised and I feel a bit daunted.

The run is this weekend, and on Sunday I ran just over 16k without too much problem except... I got nasty sores under my boobs, on examination my sports bra is worn and had got 'bobbled'.

What tips do you have to prevent running rashes?!! I have a different bra I can use, I'm just going to have to go for it!!!!


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26 Replies

  • Vaseline is good for any area that chafes. However, best sort out the source of any chafing before the race proper. Get your clothing sorted out and run a good distance in it before race day to make sure nothing is gonna rub or it will do your head in and could cause you extreme irritation or to pull out if you get too sore

    Good luck!

  • Thank you x

  • Medicated talc is good for heat rash - could try some of that. Good luck with your HM!

  • Can I get that in any chemist? Thanks for your reply x

  • Boots do their own version.

  • Oh no! I had this earlier in the year so I can sympathise, it hurts! :( I put it down to the fact that I'd lost a bit of weight recently. Could that be the reason? Can you tighten the bra any?

    If not then the other suggestions sound good, too.

    Good luck with the HM, I'm sure you'll smash it on the day! x

  • Sadly I think it's more that I have put on weight because I haven't been running as much with the tendonitis!!

  • I ran a HM last weekend, I used sudocrem on all the bits I thought might rub. Enjoy your run

  • I enjoyed it, I'm not fast but I managed to stay ahead of the sweeper bus and I didn't come in last! Might even persuade myself that I could do another on. Try to enjoy yours, my advice would be don't get caught up in the race and do your own run.

  • I will try - running with my hubby who tends to run a bit slower than me so I should be able to pace myself. Well done for finishing yours xx

  • good old sudocreme!! how did you get on with your HM?

  • I suffered from this a lot especially when it's hot. It hurts and tried a proper shock absorbers bra but after 16km I found it just too tight. So I purchased a small sports bra from nike and so far so good. I will add this Vaseline and sudocreme to my partners UK shopping list, he leaves in a few ours and we don't have that stuff here, well if they do sell it it's behind the counter. Thanks for posting I thought it was just me

  • No!! me too! I didnt realise it had happened until I took my bra off but then wow! it was painful! It must be hot running in Chile!

  • I know I thought the bra manufactuer wanted to kill me, I no longer wear them I have decided some light bounce is important rather than total restriction.

    When is your Hm? Mine is in two weeks and just had a week off so a bit worried but had a 7km just to ease back and planing 10-12km, 14-17km this week.

  • Its on Sunday. Im having a rest week now ( hopefully everything will heal), my last run was at the weekend and I did just over 16k. So hopefully with a tail wind I might finish lol!!!

  • I will be thinking of you!!

    We are still deciding if we should go, there are still earthquakes where we are running and there was another tsunami warning on Monday, not as bad as Wednesday but still....not sure.

    Enjoy the rest if you sound ready!! My mantra on long runs is stay calm and enjoy the discomfort.

    Can't wait to hear all about it

  • Enjoy the discomfort!!! Never heard that one! Be safe and I will let you know thank you!!

  • Don't know if I should be contributing to this thread...

    Vixchile - for "Vaseline" read "petroleum jelly"; for "Sudecreme" read "nappy rash ointment". An alternative you may find in a good cycle shop (one that specialises in racing bikes) is chamois cream - an ointment we gents use to reduce the chafing we gents get as a result of of too many hours spent on a bike saddle. Don't know if it would work in this case, but it is meant to be applied to delicate areas...

  • It's very kind of you to reply thank you! I've learnt something new - chamois crème!

  • Thank you Adam, its very strange in Chile a lot of things we can buy off the shelf in the uk we have to ask for in chile. Maybe people steal them too much and its not worth asking for these items as the effort and time required is a lot. I will keep a look out in bike shops though- that is a fab idea.

  • Ouch... I have not had that problem - but as we're mentioning bras, I recently got a "Swegmark" and I find it much more comfortable than the Shock absorber -I've been using - it has wide shoulder strap and wide underbust band, which I believe is what makes it snug and comfy...

  • I will have to look that up, thanks!x

  • Made in Sweden, no sweatshop - ethical and eco friendly too....

  • sounds good!!!

  • I can't offer any advice regarding your bra issues, but good luck for your HM! Let us know how you get on!

  • I did it guys!! Really slow 2 hours 40 but we finished!! Woo hoo!!!!

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