Day 1 Week 1

Well I finally did it 😍I double bagged my boobs (2 bras) - and my Sports bra cost more than my 4 man tent . Those boobs where not moving anywhere . On a few occasions I thought I was going to die ! But I lived to tell the tale , sadly my pelvic floor didn't . Went with my daughter who looked like she was the fitness instructor and I was the fat lass behind her ! But thank you AuntyTeenTeen for getting me to do this .... I'll keep you posted ! Is there a group for week one's I'm not too technical !

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  • Well done :-)

  • Very well done for starting couch to 5k - it may be hard at times but worth it. All the best for your future runs. Not quite sure what you mean by 'group for week 1'.

  • We love hearing the progress from new folks. Please keep posting. Sports bras certainly are a pretty penny, but I look at them as 'safety equipment'.

    And it gets easier. Getting out the door for that first one is definitely the toughest - I remember it being a real shock to my system.

  • Welcome to the programme and the forum. You're in the right place to share your triumphs, gets encouragement and advice and generally have a great laugh with like minded people.

    You won't regret taking these first steps!

  • Well that's the hardest run done and dusted! Well done on getting started (your pelvic floor will thank you in a few weeks time)! Keep posting and let us know how you're getting on :)

  • Ha ha ! This made me smile :-)

    Well this is it , you're off the mark , up and running !

    Well done and Im looking forward to reading if your progress !

    Keep going ! :-) xxx

  • I am also embarking on Day One Week One and thought I might do a trail to avoid that feeling of running on too hard a surface with too much weight. I'll bring my dog as my daughter isn't as enthused as yours!

  • Your post really made me laugh, so ta for that 😁

    There is a week one link. I can see it, in blue text,on the right of my screen, so,hopefully you can link up with others on the same week as you

    C25k is fun ☺ Just go nice and steady and you'll do it. Good luck

  • Well done Mad Aunty Kerry - I knew you could do it!! week 1 run 2 next - no excuses! 😎

  • Well done! Welcome to the community and best of luck on your C25K journey! :)

  • Good shoes and bras are bare necessities! Well done for getting out there. Keep posting!

  • Well done for getting started! I did my Wk1R1 on Sunday so am about to go out for R2 - it is dark and Baltic out there but I know I'll feel better when I've done it!

  • I'm also a big-booked lady and I never ran ANYWHERE until I got an Enell bra. When you put it on and go running you realise what it must feel like to be a man! There is absolutely no bounce at all.

    I don't think it can be very good for breast tissue to bounce up and down, quite a part from being painful - Enell are a bit pricey but so very worth it.

  • A good sports bra is a real feat of engineering. Three cheers for those who design them! Funny way to make a living though. :)

  • I started today and believe me I think I run slowest than turtle. But we will be fine :)

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