7/2 new experience............morning!

Didn't sleep well, up early so ideal time to give that morning run a go. So gear together and off I go, initial walk, my it's warm. Wow, what a lot of traffic, we live in a small village, commuters on their way to the city, the local veg packing station starts at seven and a combined harvester plus pilots, chaos! Before Laura has said "we're off" all is quiet calm once more - except for the local cockerel, who wakes up at silly o'clock every day.

It's warm, but not hot like last night, onward I shuffle - step step breathe, step step breeeeaathe, step step, it's like opening the oven door without the steaming up of glasses. the river is looking lovely, like glass, nothing much moving, the narrowboats are silent, no one moving about. Moorhens are darting in and out of the reeds, lovely.

Changed route today, pass the bridge and onwards down to the lock, a couple of early birds already going through. Turn way from the river and along footpath, need to concentrate, grass has been cut but not baled, like running through leaves or mud! I keep getting great balls of hay on my feet, not a good look! Thankfully back onto the lane and through orchards, when Laura calls walk, and I just stop - dead - and realise she said walk. Off I trundle homeward, didn't get as far as I hoped, however, change is good and 7/2 done - 12 hours early - thanks to sage advice. Happy me.


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13 Replies

  • Your route sounds idylic I too live in a village but it doesn't sound as interesting as yours but congrats on getting up and out.

  • I never thought about it, but it is quite nice, most importantly it is flat 🙌🏼Here's to Friday.

  • Sounds like a lovely place to live !

    Well done on getting out there in this heat . Another one to do and then onwards to Week 8 :-) xxx

  • I am really happy, however, I don't seem to go as far as everyone else, I know it is my own journey, in time and distance. I may have to download an app. Did I really say that? Maybe I am becoming a runner! Happy me.

  • i wouldn't worry about the distance as I told McFatty it will come I just got lucky with my route and clearly found the inner runner I never knew I had.

  • Very pleased to meet him, he's doing a grand job. Not long 'til Friday....

  • Elly please don't worry about distance or speed/pace, it really doesn't matter , so please don't beat yourself up about it :-)

    Like you say this is your journey, you can work on that ( if you wish ) at a later point .

    Good Luck for the rest of the programme ! :-) xxx

  • 10 out of 10 for getting out early and doing your run Ellymeg...😊 really enjoyed reading about it, sounds like a lovely place to run.

    Great run especially in this heat..keep going...🏃 😊

  • Òh yes, another week sevener. I keep hearing Whoopee Goldberg singing in my head "I will follow yooooo" except you buggers are making it sound too easy! Wish me luck as I follow with my w7r2 tomorrow :)

  • Oh my, McFatty, you are fabulous, now I shall have a vision of Whoopee in wimple following us all. Good luck luck for tomorrow, tell us how you get on...........waiting.

  • Sounds like a lovely run - well done you to run in this heat!

  • Well done you... out there, running and taking it all in..my kind of run :) Onward and upward :)

  • Ooh, flat! Jealous here...

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