Week 4 - too lazy to walk to the start of my new route

Week 4 -  too lazy to walk to the start of my new route

Mid way through Week 4 and I'm still at it! Still plodding up and down that same road. The number of times I've disobeyed the 'private keep out' sign as I turn back on myself and retrace my steps again and again until my time with Laura is finally up. It's getting a bit boring if I'm honest.

I've yet to make it to the end of the road, and the start of the so-called new route. The lovely snack van not in sight nor sniff of. Scared off by the slightly steeper bit and a worryingly unsteady tip-toe dance over a cattle grid (or could I athletically bound across with one leaping stride). The slightly steeper bit a massive no-no, not to mention massive heart attack, to run up. A full lap of the big watery thing then, just a dream?

I think I'm just too lazy even to walk to the start of my new route. That's the problem, it would be a 10 minute walk just to the start. A 10 min walk on (ignoring the bit at the end) perfectly flat, empty, idyllic road. Merely walking on such a faultless lane seems like a waste. But I love the idea of completing a full lap of the reservoir. Its more tangible than 5K. And how exhilarating to run along the dam wall, the wind in my bald, surrounded by the craggy hills and the views across the valley.

Next time I'll suck it in. Lovely Laura paused, my 5 minute warm up walk will be a 10 minute warm up walk, well, 15 considering the crawl up the slightly steep bit, ok a 20 minute warm up walk.

I could always bike it to the start then I'm just a slip and a fall into the water away from full couch to iron-man triathlon!


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29 Replies

  • Definitely a case of a change is as good as a rest, time to make that change, yup time to suck it up and just do it !

  • You sound just like my daughter, when she tells me off... :)

  • Haha not sure if that is good or bad 😐

  • Good... I love her and I admire her... :) She is so good for me! :)

  • A longer walk at the beginning may actually make the running easier. I was finding the start of each run very hard. But, after following the advice of some of the Wise Ones on the forum, I upped the warm up walk to 10 minutes and I am transformed! Give it a go and see what happens. Good luck!

  • Take a tip from one of my past posts.. walk it backwards, that will liven it up... and will give you a completely different perspective on things!!! :)

    Great post too... love the dam run sequence...are you bald?

    Come on.... get out there.. you talk the talk... ( love your posts) so now, walk that walk...and run right around the water! :)

  • Baldish... it got to that stage where I just shave the rest off... Just like Bruce Willis! haha

  • Cute then ? :)

  • Do it, do it, do it!!

  • Cooo, that looks gorgeous ! Damn sight better than the Asda Car park I ran around the other week :-)

    Aw please keep at it, ten minutes is nowt compared to a lovely run around the reservoir with the wind blowing through your locks, yes I know you said you are bald, but don't stop me , I'm on a roll :-)

    When you've done that , you can treat yourself to a fried egg sarnie in a nice breadcake cant you . Its the carrot on a stick principle but using a fried egg instead.

    There you go, sorted ! :-) xxx

  • Drooling... So hungry. I'm definitely going to do the reservoir on tomorrows run! yes!

  • Nah that's not right. You can't be lazy. You're on week 4 of this running thingy. And what an absolutely gorgeous route! You've got to walk it. But not at night. I bet it looks seriously scary at night 👻

  • There are old street lamps but doubt they work, they look ancient. And an abandoned mill.... all adds to the creepy!

  • I would so love to run there... at night... ! yeay!

  • I was just thinking the very same thing your Maj !

    Can you imagine walking down there in the pitch black ?? Its the stuff nightmares are made of !! Eeeek ! :-) xxx

  • You and I have obviously seen too many scary films poppy 💀👻👽

  • I have , too many ! I love scary films ! :-) xxx

  • It's a bit spooky in the day! There's a grim little abandoned old stone house by the gate, old 50s decor insdie, peeling wallpaper. Not been occupied for years... at least not by the living! Scaring myself now.

  • I do have a morbid fascination about old decayed abandoned buildings like you see on the Urban Explorer websites .

    Photos of the the derelict Mr Blobby -Blobby World site just makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up , tbh .

    Anyway , keep going stevecramp ! Your fried egg sarnie awaits and we might throw a sausage in as well, if youre lucky :-) xxx

  • I know exactly what you mean. I love decayed abandoned stuff like that. Old stations with bits of platform and trackbeds are a favourite.

  • My favourites are old amusement parks and asylums/hospitals ! xxx

  • Bit worried about the asylums and hospitals pp... seriously scary...have you ever visited the NT property The Workhouse at Southwell...@ not ruined..but seriously very bad vibes in some parts of it...and not just because of its the history of it...

  • Oooh no I haven't Floss, I must google that to find out more, thank you xxx

  • Okay...now I have to come and find this place... :)

  • Brilliant :)

  • That photo makes me want to go running again. Now. Can't wait. Breathtakingly beautiful.

  • Its nice just now with the blossom and the fresh green leaves. Thought I'd get a quick photo while it looks so beautiful

  • It does Iben, that is so true ! Its making my legs twitch ! :-)

  • Wow! I wouldn't mind having to run up and down there a few squillion times.

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