W7R2 and the hairdryer

Well up and out at 4.45 am to try and take advantage of the cooler temperatures(I wish) still managed just under 5k in the time but it felt like I was running into a hairdryer on the high setting most of the time hoping Friday is a bit cooler.Still that is another done onward and upward


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  • Apparently the average temperature across the country last night (23 degrees) was hotter than the average day temperature for this time of year (21 degrees). Friday's set to be a leeeetle cooler. I remain impressed by people who get up so early to keep their commitment to themselves. (I can't wait to run again but I doubt it'll be at 4.45!)

  • I know it's not a lot different but it will nice to go out at 5 am at least it feels like the morning not the last dregs of the night

  • At least the hair dryer here was on a coolish setting as it came off the North Sea but hats off to you. The best I could manage was a 5.30 start ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Hopefully the hairdryer won't be on at all on friday

  • Wow, 4.45am! You must be going at a great pace to get to nearly 5k, well done you!

  • i think it was about 1k every 6 minutes though the voice on MapmyRun said you up it to 1k every 5 minutes but I wanted to finish so ignored her

  • Great stuff! Will be on your tail tomorrow (though I can't see me getting anywhere near 4k anytime soon). Another one under your belt. Love these posts :)

  • You will get there I just got lucky and found a fairly stable route which keeps the interest up

  • Well done you, so far in this heat - yea! In the bag. I went early, not early enough methinks!

  • Anyone who goes out at that time of the morning and especially in this heat has my complete admiration.

    Well done for showing such commitment ! xxx

  • There is an element of commitment or maybe I should be committed but when you have to leave for work at 6:30 to drive to Cambridge it gives a bit of I will do this & I can do this .

  • A bit like me. I run at about 420am on Tues, Thurs and Sat. I used to wake up at about 445 to get ready for work but since starting the C25K that extra 30 minutes earlier does not make much of a difference.

    I then leave home at 535ish to get to work at 715. As the crow flies its only about 23 miles away but the journey takes in a car, walk hovercraft, bus, train and then a final walk just to get there.

    Cat naps of train and hovercraft are common.

    This time of year its usually quite cool (well apart fom this week ) and with known one else usually about I can just run and not think about anything else for 40 minutes +.

  • I agree going out early means you can take everything at your pace and not worry about anything

  • I feel as if I head out early for my runs, but nowhere near as early as you two! Impressed.

  • The early runs mean that you do see some of nature that you would not normally.

    So far I have seen fox cubs playing, a barn owl hunting and some buzzards and kestrels just sitting on fence posts or telegraph poles when I do my more country runs.

  • You're lucky all I see are slugs & snails and the odd moggy and I live in the countryside

  • Going by your user name you must be from the county I was born in. Originally from just outside Maidstone and loved Knole park as a kid.

    I live in a town but 10 minute walk in any direction I can be in the country side.

  • Yes I was born in Erith but grew up in Bexleyheath and now live in a quaint little village called Steeple Bumpstead in Essex

  • Steeple Bumpstead ! Love it , sounds like something from Miss Marple :-) xxx

  • Funny thing it is mentioned in one of the Poirot stories ITV showed can't remember which one but when we heard it took a double and had to replay on the Sky+ box

  • Ha ha ! It does sound very Agatha Christie-ish :-) Sounds lovely xxx

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