It's Saturday night and I'm feeling..........good! 6/3 ✔️

I waited until six this evening, I thought it might be cooler - I was wrong, humid and hot. Almost talked myself out of going, but I had switched on the app and the iPod was in my zippy pocket at the back so off I went. The walk went quickly and Laura said let's go, it was an effort but I quickly got into my rhythm and plodded along, I thought I can up the speed, then thought better of it after a word with Laura. Anyway it all went in a bit of a dream until Laura said Last minute, speed it up - so off I went little arms going ten to the dozen - not sure the legs went at the same speed!, however, what a lovely feeling, happy, happy, happy me...........what has week seven got waiting for me?


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9 Replies

  • Well done it,s a good feeling knowing you can run for 25 minutes isn't, it

  • It really is amazing, two weeks ago I didn't think I would or even could.

  • Week 7's good...

  • Well done! If you pump your arms your legs will follow, remember that when going up hill, at the moment keep the revs down!😉

  • Well done!! You will be absolutely fine with Week 7, just keep doing what you're doing!

  • Too hot last night, well done you for braving that humidity! I followed you this morning when it was slightly cooler and Couldn't believe it when Laura said "only a minute to go". Congrats to you as see you in week 7 :)

  • Hurrah 💫🌟💫 for you. Happy week six, let's get that week 7 😱

  • Well done you. I completed 6/3 on Friday and I am looking forward to Week 7 starting tomorrow.

  • Yea!🌟 Well done! That week 7 is just waiting for us... See you at the other side of R1. I am going back to M,W,F.

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