That's it I've done it folks , I'm a graduate !

I set off this morning knowing I was going to keep a nice steady pace & enjoy the graduate run . Didn't feel up to it to be honest went out for Indian , & beers felt a bit rough , Laura said time up & to be honest I could have carried on to reach 5 k but I thought , well I did it Friday give the old body a rest so I stopped , I covered 4.25 k . When I'd stopped I couldn't help wishing I kept going , but nice & slow don't want to push this body of mine too far , it's got me this far . And I'm saying something I haven't said for years , I'm proud of it , proud of what it can do ! Right going to claim my badge in a while , dog chomping at the bit to go out now as well . Happy running everyone


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32 Replies

  • Rockette, you've done it! I feel your pride and quite rightly so! Well done on top of curry and beers too!!

    Keep going and let us all know how you do!

  • Thanks Flossieflybow I'll keep you posted on my progress

  • well done you should be proud i will be when i graduate . its been a long hard journey at times but you got there i am happy for you . well done again. It will be nice to see that badge next to your name

  • Ha ha Ive found it hard getting the badge , emailed them just got to wait & see now . Thanks Ned63

  • Congrats!

  • Thanks

  • Congratulations you have every right to be proud of yourself I hope you continue your running journey and keep us posted

  • Thanks , keep enjoying the running

  • Congratulations, so pleased for you. Keep posting as you have motivated me over the last few weeks. Thank you

  • Thanks , oh yes I'll still be posting , good luck with your runs

  • Thanks keep up the good work

  • Congratulations So you should feel proud. Great achievement

  • Thanks fitfor60

  • Yaaaaay! Aww Rockette I'm so thrilled for you! Congratulations. Can't believe we all started roughly the same time. You've really kept me going so thank you so much. Hope you'll stay on here. Be great to see how you're progressing with life post C25K! Huge virtual hugs! :-) x

  • Thanks Jen , yes will def be staying on here it's a great community , best of luck with your remaining runs , your turn for graduation soon !

  • Thank you! I can't wait! Such a personal achievement. :-)

  • Big congrats Rockette, enjoy the high over the next few days!

  • Congrats Rockette - have you decided what to do next yet?

    I've started '10k for pink', starting at week 9 - 4x10 mins, with 1 min breaks.

  • I'm going to try & get to 5k in 30 min I think , to be honest I don't know , but need a goal to work towards . Where's that 10k for pink ? Can't say I've heard of that one is it a app ?

  • Hi, yes it's an app. Available on both android and iphone. I'm struggling with apps I need so many of them now I don't have Laura. 10k app, map my run and spotify!

  • Congratulations! You really seem to have taken to your running with gusto! Keep it up and let us know how you progress won't you?

  • Thanks , will do .

  • yay congratulations!!

  • Congratulations! Have been loving your posts. Well done you.

  • Congratulations keep it up. My concern is what do we do next I'm a few runs behind you and worried without a structured programme to aim for I might loose motivation

  • Yes , that's my concern . I am going to concentrate on trying to get a 30 min 5k & also stamina & distance I'm like you because I will lose motivation without a goal .

  • Congratulations, Rockette, you've proved you are up for the challenge, so I would recommend that you set yourself some short term objectives as well as longer term targets. These can be based on distance, duration, pace or maybe even geography......can I really run up that hill? If you manage to achieve a target on a fairly frequent basis, it helps to keep the motivation up and makes your running more fun.

    Good luck. Enjoy your running.

  • Thanks a lot for your advice , it's really helpfull. I've been wondering how to go about it now , because I am one of those people who if haven't got a goal I'm more than likely to lose interest . So would you say have one day trying to knock time down , other just a nice pace & distance ? I may sound a bit thick , but I really ant a clue how to go about it . I'm allready tackling hills now & again & quite enjoy it . Thanks again .

  • I do one 5k run per week, with 30 second sprint intervals every 5 mins ( I started at 20 secs but have increased the duration gradually) this is improving my pace, with my target being to get an average pace below 6min/k for my home 5k run. I do one extending run at the weekends and have reached 16.25k or 10 miles, since graduating in August, with half marathon distance my next longer term aim. My third run of the week is just a 5k fun run in theory, but in the dark with the mud and cold it is a bit of an endurance.....makes you get home quick, though. PBs for different distances or routes are also good shorter term aims.

    I really love running for longer now, which I would never have believed five months ago. Good luck.

  • thanks for this info ,i will use it when i graduate

  • Well done Rockette. Onwards and upwards.

  • well done, i have never done any sport in my life and it feels so great to say to my kids mummies just going out for her run!!!!! i know that feeling you have of being proud - well done you

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