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I'm back after a week of timber rafting and only one run


I've missed you, but I've been without internet for a whole week as I have been timber rafting in Sweden with my family. We built the raft ourselves and traveled 50 km in 3 days on the river Klarälven. A really unique experience, but tough!

I brought my running kit along, but when we got ashore in the evening I was too exhausted to put one foot in front of the other.

Building the raft was a whole day of extremely physically hard work, probably the hardest workout I have ever done (2 tons of timber, 2 adults to carry it around, you do the math). The journey on the raft was no walk in the park either - of course there were calm moments where we enjoyed the stunning surroundings but it was also really intense when we got stuck on sand banks, stones or caught in backwaters. We even got stuck in a hailstorm!

I wonder if a week with only one run but a lot of other physical activity will turn out to be an advantage when I go running tomorrow after a good night's sleep in my own bed...

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That looks like fun, if a trifle draughty!

I bet you'll have a great run tomorrow

Very much both fun and draughty :-) My muscles are so sore, but I'm sure running will be good for me :-)

Wow - that looks amazing - what a great experience :-)


Wow what an adventure Iben - something special to remember!! Have a great rest in your own bed and enjoy the return to running 😃

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When we were stuck in the hailstorm with thunder and lightening right over us that's exactly what we said to each other "this will be a vacation to be remembered!".


Wow! Amazing! :-)


Wow, Iben, what an adventurer you are!!!

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:-) A very tired adventurer looking forward to sleeping in a place with no rain and no mosquitoes

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Come here! They killed the mosquitoes in my village, and it's almost guaranteed not to rain until October... ;)

Killed the mosquitoes... with chemicals? Sounds really nice and healthy :-) :-) The rain I really wouldn't mind going without until October!

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Yes - terrible stuff!! But it seems to do the trick :)

Sounds like crazy hard work and slightly crazy too - but an incredible adventure! I'm sure your improved fitness will outweigh any tiredness next time you go for a run!

I hope you are right. I found out my body has muscles I have never used before. The fatigue I felt i in my forearms was a completely new feeling to me.

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Go easy on yourself then - a nice "gentle" run just to get those running muscles working again. Nothing speedy, and definitely nothing hilly if you can avoid it...

I think I'll go and meet up with my running club. They run Saturday mornings when I usually go for my weekly solitary "long" (5k) run, but I think I will need them to keep me going tomorrow


Sounds absolutely brilliant Iben :)

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Brilliant and bonkers :-)


Oh Iben ! Good to see you , I was wondering where you were !

Sounds like you've had a brilliant time, a proper adventure :-)

Its lovely to go away, but its always nice to come home to your own bed isn't it ?

Hope you have a really good nights sleep tonight ( that's if you've not probably fallen asleep already through exhausation ! ) :-)

Sweet dreams ...... Zzzzzzzzz xxx


And you call that a holiday?! Sounds great fun though, can I come with you next time please...

It's a once in a lifetime kind of holiday, I think, I don't think I could do it again. But if you want to, google vildmark i värmland...


That looks fantastic!! What a great holiday 🚣


That looks and sounds amazing and I am sure that physical workout will help no ends to your running... What a perfect holiday 😎

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