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A little disappointed

Hi all, I'm on wk6 and due to do run 3 tomorrow.

I started 4wks ago and loving it with my 28 mth old birder collie Skip. Were usually out at 6am.

I'm disappointed because I've been kidding myself that I could do a run in the park by the end of week 9. I decided to walk using my fit bit to measure 5k. I was shocked to find in only covering about 2k if I'm lucky. Now realise it will take much longer to achieve this goal.

Also I developed a sharp intermittent pain under my toes on the ball of my foot. Not when running. I'm making sure I only do the podcasts every other day and don't walk around in bare feet. Anyone any other suggestions as to what it is and what I can do please?

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I can't comment on your problem with toe pain

Reference the distance, please try not to be disappointed; at the end of the 9 weeks you will be able to run for 30 minutes!! Which is a fantastic acheivement 😃

How far could you run before you started the program?


You will be able to run the parkrun by week 9. Have faith in yourself and the program

Don't get ahead of yourself. Take each run in turn. Tick it off and move on. Go very steadily, slowly and carefully. Enjoy yourself, it's fun 😊

I had the pain under the toes thing but it cleared up as I kept on running. Make sure your running shoes are up to the job. I spend time with bare feet and do balancing exercises whenever I can. It all helps your feet and legs


Yes you are right to remind me of how far I have come and I really do enjoy it ! Thank you


Hi lynne, it takes a little while to get to 5k for a new runner, you will get there as your fitness goes up. Just keep on with the 30 min runs, don't worry too much about distance at the moment. But, you can try starting to extend 1 run a week by 10%,so try getting to 2.2k. Build it slowly...

Have you got a Parkrun fairly local to you? They are excellent, I did my first one at w6 and of course I had to walk part of it being 5k long, but it doesn't matter how you do it, walk, run, jog and you can also take skip round, only on a short lead though. Check out the Parkrun website, everything you need to know is on there.. you'll need a barcode for the timed run..

I also get the ball of foot pain, it comes and goes, do you feel it at the front of the ball and radiates into the middle toes? I aggravated mine when hill running and getting up too much on my toes, so don't do that, try and keep the pressure off that area, it will probably go away eventually, may take a little while, but may feel it reoccur sometimes, it can be managed. I haven't had any problem for a while now.

Try rolling a cold can of drink under it or similar like a tennis ball, and some gentle foot excercises may be beneficial, it could also help to excercise the achilles & calves as all this is connected through the foot, one is to stand on a stair with heels over the edge and do heel drops carefully..

Let us know how you get on..



Great advice thank you so much. We do have a parkrun about three miles away that I intend taking part, but not yet as I want to be able to jog the whole course! I may struggle with skip as he's a puller. He runs freely when we go out early in the fields etc.

That is reassuring to hear I'm not alone with the painful foot I will try taking your advise. Thanks again.


I didn't think Fitbit necessarily gave an accurate distance unless you have one with GPS so you may have gone further than you think. Map My Run is a free app which you can run in the background while you listen to the c25k podcast and as it is GPS based might give you a more accurate distance.

I have had some pain in my feet too, although not like you describe. I went to yoga for the first time this week and my feet feel much better so stretching must help.


Oh I never consider the accuracy! I will have a look at map my run thank you.

Stretching....maybe that will help too.

Thanks again.


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