Week 1, run 1

Hi everyone, its my first time posting here. I suddenly decided today after years of putting it off to start this program. Sadly it was an epic fail! I got through several runs but started getting awful stitch pain in my left side. And I gave up and walked the rest of the way home :( has this happened to anyone else? I aim to start again tomorrow. Any tips and would be much appreciated x x


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16 Replies

  • Hi and well done for starting...I am only on week four so a relative newbie too...

    My first run was awful too. I couldn't run the 3rd 60 second run and I honestly thought I was going to die 😂....

    I have learned from all the other fantastic people on this forum that you need to take it really slowly and I mean really slowly to get through each run - someone called it their 60 second shuffle and that really described how slow I went.

    This week I ran for a total of 16 minutes and believe me if anyone had told me I would be doing that in 4 weeks I would have laughed them under the table

    Many more experienced people will give you better advice than me but please do keep going. You did brilliantly today - you got up and started so feel good about that and have another go in a couple of days

  • great advice give a go you will be surprised at the positive results 😊

  • That doesn't sound good but well done you for actually starting.

    Are you "running" or jogging?

    Main piece of advice at this stage is to go very very very S L O W L Y.

    What does 'slowly' mean? At a speed you can comfortably talk at. So, you're not 'running for the bus' or rescuing your loved ones from a burning house (that's running!) . Just take each 'run' (jog!) bit nice and easy.

    Have a look at Songfish 's post on Week 1 Day 1 further below on the Couch to 5k main page.

    Many people here have had similar experiences, so you're not alone. Stick at and you'll amaze yourself.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  • You made a start thats whats important, the first time i did the programme i repeated week 1 several times as did many others so your not alone there, as for your stick your prob going too fast, like John_W says slowly is the key to success be proud you've taken the first step don't dwell on the run tomorrows a new day, happy running and welcome to the forum these guys will get you there no matter how ling it takes :)

  • Firstly well done for making the decision to start this fantastic program

    I've only just graduated so others will be better placed to offer you advise than me; however:

    Go very very slowly. 'Run' pace is a very slow jog; not much more than walking pace.

    Persevere and don't give up; the program really does work. If I can do it anyone can!

    Good luck and welcome to the club X

    This is the best forum there is for lots of support, advice and encouragement 😊

  • Hi nin-runner, take at least one days rest now, then plan when you are next going to go out for your run, do day 1 again, when you start running/ jogging slow down then slow down some more. I have only just started myself and this has been the most useful piece of advice I have taken from the guys here. Keep posting, let us know how your next one goes 😀

  • Hi there! Not sure I can help with the stitch issue as I've only done my first run. Are you well hydrated & gave you left a good gap since eating? I walk slow & my 'run' was like walking but I lifted my feet a teeny bit higher & softened my knees - doing that I managed to get through it. Have another go in a couple of days& when you're at an OK pace slow down a bit more . I promise you can do this! :)

  • Firstly I agree with everyone else, go really slowly, take long slow breaths in and out ( don't forget the out) and you will do it, repeat wk 1 if you want to but it is surprising how quickly you will get used to it and after 3 more runs you might feel ready for wk 2. Secondly the f word( fail) is not allowed here, we can have good runs and bad but none of them are fails, even 1 of day 1 runs is better than staying on the sofa! You can do this!

  • The first thing to say is please do *not* run tomorrow. It is possible that if you switched off because you couldn't run any more you missed this important part of the programme instructions. You have started the programme today so tomorrow's activity is 'not running' so your body will be ready for you to run the day after. Whilst you are doing the C25K programme (and for quite a while after) you do not run on consecutive days. This will help build your stamina and reduce the risk of injury.

    That was me four and a half years ago. I managed four of the runs before I could run no more (and walked the rest of the podcast). However, unlike you, I had no notion that this was any kind of failure. I thought this was a massive triumph as it was three more runs than I thought I'd manage.

    The next time I went out, I managed another four runs and walked the rest, thrilled to bits again and then worked my way up until I completed all eight runs in a session three times... which took me about six weeks. Which is longer than most people. But guess what... never had to do an extra run after that. Still running four years later. Still not fast.

    You are almost certainly running too fast - think of it as a different movement not necessarily a different speed and bearing in mind you are ultimately looking for a pace you can maintain for 30 minutes continuously. You could also try doing a slightly slower walk in the walk sections and taking smaller steps when running if it starts to get tough. If you are using the podcast presentation of the NHS C25K programme Laura gives some guidance on managing stitch, pressing firmly into your side.

  • Well done for getting out there!!

    Are you using Laura's podcasts? They're really good, Laura seems to know when you're struggling and gives you encouragement just at the right time.

    With the stitch pain, in week 4 Laura says you might get a stitch and says to take a long deep breath in and push your tummy out, then breath out long and deep. Do this several times and the stitch will vanish. I had to try it today, it feels a bit weird to start with, I was trying to run at the time, but it does work. It helps to have these things in the toolbox ready for when you need them.

    Leave a day or two if you still feel sore, then try again. Remember to take it slowly, a slow jog is just a tad faster than the brisk walk. If you're struggling with the run just slow it down a bit you're already pushing your body to do something that it's not used to.

    Good Luck keep us posted You CAN do it!! We're all here to help you.

  • Thank you all for your replies. I probably did run too fast, I legged it when it said to start running!! So not suprised that I ended up keeled over trying to walk home! I definitely couldn't keep up that pace for 30 minutes so next time I run I'll go slower. Hopefully I won't get the awful stitch pain again, I had eaten about 3 hours beforehand so I don't think it's to do with that. Now that I think about it I'm really proud of myself for making a start today. And thank you all for all your support. Going to rest tomorrow then run again on weds X x

  • I'm running again Weds so will keep any eye out to see how you get on when I post my update :) We can do this!

  • Go us ;-)

  • Well done for taking up the programme Nin and Welcome to the board !

    Yes have a " rest " day tomorrow then give it another go Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Are you listening to the NHS C25k podcasts with Laura ? Lots of helpful tips and advice on there , plus there's the support of the folk on this brilliant forum .

    Yes you should be very proud of yourself for making a start . Youre taking a positive step in improving your fitness and general well being , the benefits are immense .

    Well done for today and please keep posting, so we can support you along your way :-) xxx

  • welcome. Going slow is the way forward, maybe rather than give up & walk home continue but speed up your walk rather than run & then slow down again until you feel ready or, run every other run..

    Good luck

  • Welcome to the best community on the internet! The advice above is all great - I have nothing to add except to reiterate, go slowly, slow down and then when you think you're going slow enough, slow down some more! There will be plenty of time for increasing speed after graduation, the important bit for now is getting you running for 30 minutes.

    The forum is full of amazing, inspirational people and invaluable for advice, encouragement and motivation. Use it for any questions you might have or just to celebrate your success at each run - we'll be here with you every step of the way! :)

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