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Week 9 Run 1


Well I have embarked on Week 9 this evening. 30 whole minutes. Would never have thought it. Was a slight struggle in the last few minutes I won't lie but I know the reasons for this and it wasn't due to aches and pains or tiredness but the fact my music had really started to irritate me as it was a random spotify playlist I found at the last minute lol and didn't want to start fiddling with it. 2 runs left and I'm actually thinking I could well just do this x

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Of course you can do it! 👍🏻 .. nothing worse than music you don’t want to listen to .. even when you’re not running!


Well done! You’ve got this!


Same with me Kazzy40, I have just come home from also completing W9R1, as you say 30 minutes of non-stop running, a bit tiring but I am like you very happy with what I have achieved, so it's on to run 2 on Saturday.

kazzy40 in reply to AlMorr

Well done AlMorr we have come a long way. Here's to graduation. Let me know how you get on


Well done. Completing R1 means you know you can go the distance. Take them steady and you will have no problems at all.

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