Week 1 Run 1

Hi everyone.

Today I did the first run of the couch to 5k and I really hope by posting this blog it will keep me motivated to carry on, as every attempt at regular exercise has always fallen by the wayside.The weather was so lovely today that I had no excuse but to get the trainers on and start week one.

I have to say I found this podcast quite hard going and my lifelong lack of exercise really showed through. In the middle of the podcast I was willing it to be over. There was also a small matter of a nasty blister that emerged and I had to pause the podcast briefly to deal with that, which felt a bit like cheating!

I felt exhausted at the end but I'm really pleased I got through the first run and hope I will be back here telling you all about run 2 soon!

Night all!



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15 Replies

  • You've done the hardest part and made a start! It will soon be easier for you and eventually you will begin to really enjoy it. The best advice I had at the beginning was to start slow and steady. Don't go at it full on at first. After all this is something new for your body to get used to. If you overdo it at the start you may put yourself off, which would be a shame. GOOD LUCK TO YOU! Keep coming back to this blog site because you will get heaps of support and encouragement. We all know just where you are coming from because we've been there!

  • Well done :) I remember swearing and calling Laura every name under the sun on that first set of runs. I couldn't wait for her to say I could walk! Just take it slow and steady and enjoy the runs, you'll be surprised by how quickly your fitness builds up and in no time at all you'll think 1 minute runs are easy peasy. Good luck with the rest of the program

  • Welcome to C25K and the happiest, most supportive forum on the Internet! Great that you've got out there and started the programme. :)

    Now, as for that blister - horribly off-putting :( - consider hunting down and buying yourself a pair of 'twin-skin' running socks, they are brilliant, cosy and squeeze your foot in all the right places inside your running shoes, so no slipping. I bought some on recommendation, and haven't had a blister this year ... and have been running 3 times a week and trained/walked a half marathon too ... so they've done lots of miles (and been in and out of the washing machine!)

    Take care, Linda ;)

  • Congratulations! As has been said already, that hard part is done. You've started. Keep us updated.

  • Hi Kat, I started on Saturday and did my second run on Monday. I managed to pace myself a bit better so the run actually seemed a little easier! Let's hope we both see the program through!

  • Well done. Stepping over the door step can be the hardest thing. See you in 9 weeks with a graduation badge!

  • i've not done regular exercise ever before and thought i'd start this a few weeks ago. the first couple of runs were the hardest and i'm only at week 3 but honestly never thought i'd even get this far and definitely NEVER thought i'd actually enjoy it! hope the blisters ease and good luck to you :)

  • Good luck Kat! I found it so hard at the beginning too and have never really properly exercised (I'm 40) but I've kept going and am on week 5 now. I feel so pleased that I'm doing something so positive for myself and am really enjoying being outside and finding lots of little footpaths that I didn't know existed, as well as being able to nosily look at people's houses and gardens as I run! Keep going! :-)

  • Hi Kat, I too have just started week 1. The support on here is amazing. Good luck with run 2 tomorrow . We can do it!!!!!!

  • Well done for taking that hardest first step - getting started. As time goes by you will start to really enjoy the progress you are making. If something happens to prevent my running I feel deprived! Good luck with the rest of the programme.

  • Well done. I struggled and still struggle as I am plowing through it. I end up having to stay on week for about 2 weeks before I am ready to move on but feel I am improving and getting and whats more I love it.

    Good luck and keep going

  • Hi well done for getting started! I had completed week one last week and if you had read my blog then it was just like yours. I am recovering from flu this week so when I'm fit and ready I will go back to week one.Pace yourself and work on technique rather than speed. I found this forum invaluable and the lovely comments are really motivating, such a lovely group of people. Have fun.

  • Well done Katbee - you will be amazed at yourself. Keep at it. Nine weeks ago I could barely run 60 seconds, and tonight I did the final run of Week 9. Just trust the programme and stick at it. Best of luck for the next week and thereafter.

  • Wow thank you all so much for your comments, I saw I had some replies today when I briefly glimpsed at my hotmail at work and couldn't wait to get home and read them all. Everyone has been so supportive it makes me really want to go out and do tomorrows run. Thank you all and happy running to everyone whatever stage you're at. Off to go and encourage some others on their blogs- got to pass the good feelings on! x

  • Well done and hang in there! I'm just about to get changed and head out for W5R1 but it's awfully warn out there still! I agree with LMS2110 on the socks point! I got twin-linedrunning socks in Tesco - I think under a fiver for two pairs - and they're really comfy! Best of luck with the rest of the programme.

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