Parkruns - the most amazing INCLUSIVE voluntary movement for walkers and runners alike

Whilst I'm officially a graduate, as many of you know, running for 5k - and even for 30 minutes - is still something that frequently eludes me. I am not an accomplished or "proper" runner. I see so many people on here who want to Parkrun (I have created a verb for park running) but are worried because they're only halfway through the programme and won't be able to run the whole thing. I want to put it out there - if you want to do a Parkrun, that doesn't matter. There are people who walk virtually the whole thing. There are people like me who, even though I've once managed to run the whole thing, are so slow they may as well have walked the whole thing!!!!! If you want to be part of the most inclusive, collaborative and feel good movement ever, Parkrun. Wherever you are in the programme, put your app/podcast on and follow it at the Parkrun. When you've finished just walk the rest. The atmosphere and support will drive you on and give you a warm feeling inside. All Park runs are free, all staffed by volunteers, most of whom are runners - and all began right where we are. If you're really apprehensive but do want to do one, why not volunteer? I bet it will give you the conviction to do it yourself because you'll see how friendly and supportive the runs are. For me, personally, I look forward to my Saturday mornings. Yesterday and next week I have other commitments which mean I can't run and that makes me sad.


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  • I can only agree! I was tail walking yesterday, and got an amazing feeling from volunteering. But what also really amazed me was the support from other runners. I started off tail walking with a lady who was doing her first Parkrun (and I suspect first exercise for a while). She apologised that she would be so slow, but I tried to reassure her that we all start somewhere. This week she only managed one lap of the 2 lap course and I really hope she will come back again. But it was so lovely to hear how many other runners offered words of encouragement as they went past us - heartwarming🏃🏻😊

  • I'm at the back of the pack when I do my parkrun and everybody is lovely to me. I would say out of politeness if you do stop before the end let the tailrunner know as they will be looking out for you, I once did one just before a holiday and knew if I carried on I could get an injury so stopped. I went back and told the tail runners I was quitting and why then thanked them for looking out for me. I have in the past seen them do another lap looking for someone who has quit and not told them. They all do such an amazing inclusive job at my Parkrun.

  • Great encouraging post for PR lurkers, wishers and hopers. You are a great advert for them

  • Great post you!!! This will get folks raring to go!

  • Couldn't agree more RebeccaSK I was one of those people who thought I shouldn't turn up at a ParkRun until I could run 5K continuously so I held off for ages, as my fitness levels had plumetted. What persuaded me to go along was a tweet from one of the tail runners who put a shout out for folk like me and reassured me that all would be fine, which it was. I walked/ran the first one and was far from last and Saturday was #11 for me. I'd say to anyone who's unsure about whether to go or not, just go for it.

  • Brilliant post, thank you. I totally agree. I spread the Parkrun word whenever I can.

    Like you I'm a graduate but still don't feel like a 'proper' runner but now I really look forward to Saturday mornings.

    If you're hesitating Go For It!

    Good luck and happy running.

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