46th parkrun + hayfever + allergic reaction = a decent parkrun :)

Hi everyone, hope you are all well, I'm good just a bit nervous about this run report I'm going to be writing,

I decided after the last 2 weeks of going bed quite late and being really tired come 5am when I got up, I'd go to bed earlier so I went bed at 9:30, I spent around half an hour sorting out my bag for today and then went to bed, I didn't really manage to get to sleep and only ended up having around 3 maybe 4 hours sleep out of a possible 7 hours sleep, so I get up at 5, get my clothes and hop in to the shower, get changed, start on my breakfast and as the eggs are boiling I start on the toast and double check I have everything for today, I always panic I don't have my barcode with me but luckily I did remember it, I ate my breakfast and then triple checked I had everything, I had everything and I remembered my running watch this week :)

I set off at the usual time of 7:!0, I get to the bus stop for 7:35 and wait for the bus to turn up to take me to the parkrun, I get off the bus and get down to the start of the parkrun, there is 3 other volunteers there, I had the honour of wearing a 25 volunteer t'shirt :) it didn't end up pretty though but will explain that in a bit,

We all stand around and then another volunteer turns up but not the one with the keys for the gates so we wait and carry on chatting and then the run director with the keys turns up and we get to work, I grab some cones and get them put around the track, 2 for the start of the parkrun and almost started walking back when I remembered the cones for directing people off the track so I go and put some down for that and I'm checking I have done everything I needed to, so went to put the remaining cones back in the wheelbarrow and as I was doing that bill turned up,

We spoke, can't remember what about, some of the conversation was about names and what we shorten our names down to, we carry on chatting and then julie turns up, she then nips to the toilet and finds leanne a friend we made through parkrun, we all chat and I say about running with leanne rather than getting a time, we listened to the run brief and then made our way over to the start, we did try to keep up with the virtual pacer on my watch but it didn't work out so well, I kept the watch going as I didn't know how to change it in the middle of a run,

We start quite a bit fast trying to keep up with the pacer but end up walking up the hill, we do pretty well to run all that way to say that leanne hasn't been to parkrun in a few months, and she has a 10k race next weekend, so didn't want to do it to fast plus she has asthma so told her if we need to walk then we can walk, wasn't leaving leanne just to try and get a PB it just didn't feel right, I was still getting around the course so I was happy, plus I was more happy to see leanne at parkrun again in quite a while, half way round the 1st loop my stomach started to be really itchy thought nothing of it until it got worse and starting itching all over my back, until I had a look and I had a huge rash all over my stomach and back basically everywhere my new t'shirt had touched on my skin, I put on my new volunteer t'shirt and the mixture of sweat and the material had given me an allergic reaction, I've took an histamine tablet since I have gained hay fever in the same run, never had hay fever in the past but it won't put me off the parkruns,

We come in with a time of 40:39, I think leanne did really well for her first time back after a few months away from parkrun, was really glad I could help, it's only 3 weeks til I'm running my 50th parkrun :),

I chatted to other people afterwards and then realised I had the run report to write for bolton parkrun but have little to no confidence in my own writing so not sure what to write about, I've been told to write about anything but I still don't know what to write about, I'm going to go through the results page, find out who came 1st, 2nd, and 3rd out of the male and female runners, any PB's and any milestones, but just don't think my report will be any good to be honest, Anyone got any suggestions how to resolve this rubbish situation/parkrun report? Just don't want to let the run director's down by producing a rubbish/poor run report,

Hope you are all well and doing well, hope you have all had a really good day, if you went to your local parkrun, hope you had a great run, if you had a run on your own, hope you enjoyed yourselves, anyone on a rest day I hope you have had a good rest and you enjoy your next run, I hope anyone on the injury couch recovered and gets back to what you enjoy doing :)

Take care,

Siobhan xx

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20 Replies

  • Great post as always. :)

    I enjoyed a solitary run at around 6.30. Lovely on a Saturday morning.

  • Thank you :)

    It is just so peaceful at that time in the morning isn't it? Hope it went well your run :)

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • Good Siobhan, if nose is a problem try a Beconase nasal spray, only during allergy months..

  • Thank you :)

    The antihistamine tablet I took seems to have done the trick but will remember that in future if they don't work :)

    Take care and well done on your PB :)

    Siobhan x

  • Not too far from 50 Parkruns and a red shirt! Wahoo!

  • Brilliant, well done, you write really nicely, and I'm sure your report will be fab. It's always nice to get personal stories and milestones in?

  • Sorry to hear about that nasty reaction ! Hope its all settled down now , Big hugs ((( )))

    Regarding your report, you can name the top finishers and then what the weather was like, how the conditions were on the course, and then just had some little own little bits of how much you enjoy it . You have a lovely style of writing Siobhan, I am sure once you start you will find the words .

    Good Luck, try not to worry too much about it, I am sure it will be fine xxx

  • Hello Siophan,

    Come on now... Pick yourself up and repeat after me.."I can do this" .." I am a good writer" I am not a journalist" " I am an experienced Parkrunner and volunteer and have nearly done 50 Parkruns" , "I am Siophan an amateurwriter"!

    ...this report for Parkrun may be getting you down in the dumps or causing you stress or sleepless nights. Nothing you write is rubbish

    This is what I've liked about your Parkrun reports for the C25k forum: And some suggestions too - Don't lose confidence or your Parkrun heart. 😊

    How Parkrun makes you feel ...like part of a big family and how many friends you've made. You could also simply say you have an acquired brain injury and when that happened.

    Your preparation the night before and early night,

    What time you and the volunteers arrive ready for the run director or key holder to arrive so you can set up and your job of setting out the cones.

    You could describe the course, how long it is, who can join in, ( it's for everyone, regardless of disability, fast slow, tall or short, parents with prams and or dogs and younger children).

    Do marshals stand at certain points? Cheer runners on? And perhaps no-one can come last because there is always a tail runner and many times ...that's you.

    I like reading how you enjoy helping other people achieve their Parkrun. You like to help them get round because you get satisfaction from how happy they are at the end.

    Have you got a little story such as supporting your visual impaired friend. Or another story that inspires people.

    What is the course like? Is it flat, hilly, green or pretty? What is your best bit of the run.

    And at 8.55am the runners gather together to listen to the run director give out run instructions such as respect to pedestrians, dogs on short leads and whose done 25, 50, 100 Parkruns (you know, things like that). How does that make you feel?

    I know I have mentioned a lot of things from the reports you write to us on your Parkruns -

    Please try not to overthink the report, or rewrite it, because sometimes when we try to write it the way we think we should, it loses some of it's magic ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    All of us here have enjoyed your natural and lovable writing because it comes from your involvement, your head and that shows your big heart💗

  • Hi Siobhan - just to say all the things you mentioned putting in a run report are what they write for the one I do, and mention anything extra for that week - like you being the guide for another runner last week, or at mine the other week a couple were getting married the next day so at the start we all lined up and they ran through. Sure you'll do great

    Fab report about you being the guide on parkrun news.


  • Siobhan I've just seen this report written in thr Parkrun weekly newsletter by the person you helped last week ...

    I am a dedicated parkrunner and am also a traumatic brain injury survivor. The same is true of Siobhan Pimlott. This has created a range of ongoing difficulties for us both. For example, I am now visually impaired and Siobhan has hearing problems. Through the parkrun newsletter I became aware that I am not the only brain injured parkrunner. While there might be others, I discovered that Siobhan is in a similar position to myself. We both incurred our respective injuries a few years ago and, since then, have found the support and enjoyment provided through parkrun to be invaluable. We are regular runners and volunteers and both find it hard to imagine life without parkrun. Although our home parkruns are a little way apart, last Saturday we made a point of meeting up at Bolton parkrun (Siobhan’s home parkrun). The mutual support that we were able to give to each other was a brilliant experience and Siobhan, very kindly, acted as a guide runner for me. This is an example of the community spirit which parkrun fosters.

    Phillip Allen

  • I got loads of comments yesterday at parkrun from bill and julie saying I'm becoming famous, having my face and name in the newsletter and getting a ton of pics took of me like I'm famous at parkrun and junior parkrun, we was joking about it, I don't mind it really we all get mentioned once in a while in the newsletters :)

    Thank you for sharing on here,

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • Your our Parkrun star too⭐️👏👏👏

    really well done Siophan !

    Take care and I hope you get a good nights rest now that you've done your report.


  • Got a reply back, just posted a post about the reply I got back which was quite quick didn't expect them to reply back so soon since it's a sunday,

    Take care and have a great week,

    Siobhan x

  • How are you getting on with your park run report Siobhan?

  • I did the best I could, spent around 6 hours writing the report and it's probably not going to get published, it's not that good, needs a lot of work but that could just be because I lack confidence in my writing abilities, when I write stories I'm fine think they are good but when it's real life always think it's not good and needs to be rewritten again and again, but sent it now so nothing I can but wait and find out if it's going to get published on the page or not, I hope it does but I don't think people will like it and think half of it needs taking away from the post to shorten it,

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • You know how those gremlins get into your mind when you're running but you chase them off because you know you can run? I think they do the same job when we do other tasks too like writing. It is the gremlins telling us we can't write all that well, people won't like it and so on. They need a good boot up the backside. What I like about your writing is that I can always hear your individual voice. I am sure they will like it. They may shorten it for space reasons but if they do, that's great. I always find it is easier for a fresh pair of eyes to see what can be easily cut out. You really put effort into it if you spent 6 hours! Next time you won't need to spend anywhere near that long. Once you see how they like it and have your basic formula, it will fun to write it. The first time round these things are always really difficult. Well done getting it done and having the guts to send it in!

  • Thank you, I sent it in and put up about it on my facebook, and got a message off one of the run director's from bolton parkrun and she said it was perfect and that I didn't miss anything out even though I still think it needs changing but it's too late now that I've sent it in, and if it needs changing I'm sure the run director's can change it, I said they could I also said if it's not good then they don't need to put it up if they don't want to, so will just wait and find out, will let you and everyone else know if they have put it up so I can include the link to the page and let everyone on here read it, that's a big IF it does get put on the news page though since I don't think it makes much sense but tried to stay calm and took everyone's advice and did 3 hours last night slept a bit then after I got back from great run local wrote for another 3 hours and then finally sent it

    Thank you so much for all yours and everyone's help,

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • I am sure it will be just fine Siobhan, and you've already received positive feedback off one of the directors, so that's great isn't it ? Well done!

    Yes please put the link up when its ready so we can read it. I am really looking forward to seeing it . You have put so much hard work into this, it will be lovely to see your report in print captured forever !

    Try not to worry, I know you do and its easier said than done , and I know you are unsure about your writing, but honestly we all love your reports on here , you have a lovely style of writing, you write from your heart .

    Have a good week and take care . Did you see the report that Phillip wrote ( the guy with the brain injury ) you met earlier ? Its in Jaxsy's post further up :-) xxx

  • Thank you :)

    It is good that I got positive feedback, I just still feel like it needs changing and half of it could be left out but that's just me and like boptillyoudrop49 has said it's just my gremlins again, just can't help it when I write about real life I always think it's rubbish and needs a ton of improvements but when it's just me and my imagination writing a story I think it's good just can't win really,

    Will try to relax, just hope you and everyone else is right that it is fine, just so nervous, part of me wants it to be fine and to be put up on the news page but part of me doesn't, always wanted to be a writer/author and if it goes up on the news page then I'd love to go around and say I'm an author but part of me wouldn't like to be the centre of attention, think that's why I enjoy doing pre-event setup team as then I'm not a marshal cheering people on and people staring at me as much as I am running around myself (if that makes sense)

    Take care and have a great week,

    Siobhan xxx

  • Just got a reply back from the run director, posted about it in a new post,

    Take care and have a great week,

    Siobhan xxx

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