Park run is more than just a run

Park run is more than just a run

Well, were do I start? Last night I received an email I thought was spam or a wind up, it was from parkrun HQ informing me I had been selected as the winner of this month's prize a brand new pair of running shoes of my choice from sweatshop, who sponsor parkrun. This is not an advert, but I went along to my local sweatshop and the service was fantastic to say the least, I have often been a cynic of gait analysis, especially since 95% of my running is on moors and my local parkrun is more a fell run than a parkrun, but I got more analysis done on my feet and running posture than i thought possible. I even got my own tailor made inserts, to be fitted in my other 8 pairs of running shows. Parkrun is an important part of my life these days and when not running I volunteer once a month at least. Since completing C25K, I have enjoyed the challenges running as presented and competed in one other event as well as parkrun, finishing 24th in a time of 23m42 seconds, although it was 300meters short of a full 5k. I have uploaded the now mandatory picture of my shoes along with a new toy a Garmin 225, I couldn't help myself. Running as brought me a new hobby and interest and renewed mojo, I see posts on here saying "when does it get easy" well, I have never gone out and found it easy yet, but always rewarding when I have done it, perhaps because with me, I cant help but go out and try to go faster, even though its not about speed, somehow to me it is, I guess I'm trying to fight against getting older. But for many out there, do remember its about doing something healthy. As I have got older I have realised the importance of getting in better shape and eating better and running as focused me on this, of course it also means I can enjoy a bit of chocolate and a few pints of Guinness at weekends. Some people say, what next when they have finished C25K, well I can recommend parkrun without reservation, on a recent TV documentary last week featuring a favorite presenter of mine Dr Michael Mosley, he was asked by many people in Newcastle, how can I avoid dementia, a top UK doctor advised social interaction, parkrun also does this. I have met many new interesting people since doing it, with a shared interest and made many new friends. I would recommend anyone wanting to enjoy running after C25K to go to their local park run.

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  • What an honour, and you deserve it. I got the insoles at sweatshop. I thought I was wasting my money, but they are surprisingly good.

    >"in my other 8 pairs of running shoes" I see, It's a competition is it :)

  • Thank you, I was gobsmacked, but delighted.

  • Congratulations! How lovely!

    I have only managed park run twice so far, unfortunately family logistics normally mean that either I or the car (most likely both) are tied up on Saturday mornings.

    Keep up the good work though!

  • There you go, yet another benefit of parkrun. Well done that man!!

    Just a quick reminder to parkrunners........if you do not belong to any other running club, you can register on parkrun as a member of NHS Couch to 5k, proudly telling others about this brilliant programme and giving solidarity to us all.

  • Many thanks Ian, I've enjoyed reading your contributions since joining the forum.

  • My daughter and I both run as NHS Couch to 5Kers.

  • Thanks, I didn't know that.

  • I didn't know that, I've just changed it now thanks Ian

  • Congratulations. That's a very nice gift. But it sounds as if you worked hard for it!

  • Nice pic. Lucky you, and what a great surprise! Lovely thoughts on the many benefits of running too, with which I wholeheartedly agree. For me, as well as the physical health benefits, I find it de-stresses and reduces my anxiety massively. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you Sandra, it was, I couldn't believe it. I never gave it a thought anyone was noticing.

  • Brilliant!

    And about the social connections to keep dementia at bay... I recently read "Do no harm" by Henry Marsh* - at a certain point he mentions that he goes for a run ... as it is a sure way to reduce the risk of dementia - so it's Parkrun is win-win: socializing and running :) Shame my parkrun is quite a distance away and it affect my ecological footprint - so I'll keep it to once a month

    just in case, a neurosurgeon

  • Well done ! How nice of them to recognise you in that way. I think our Aftab was also a Parkrun Sweatshop winner last year. Spread the word, spread the love !!

  • That's great Mr bolts..

    Enjoy the new shoes, and have a Guinness to celebrate! Just 1 for now not 4! lol

  • Cheers Dave, I'll have it at weekend, many thanks

  • Isn't that so lovely to get something back for the effort you've put in. I wish we had park run here on the island, I'm sure it would be popular but the running clubs don't seem to want it, they say there's enough race fixtures on the island. My impression is that they are a bit elitist though. It's such a simple idea and a great distance for beginners and sportsmen alike.

  • "I see posts on here saying "when does it get easy" well, I have never gone out and found it easy yet, but always rewarding when I have done it" That is it in a nutshell for me too! I am occasionally begging for mercy during Parkrun but I always finish it and feel great afterwards. Congratulations on winning the shoes as well - Parkrun does have an added bonus then apart from the socialisation, the exercise, the weight loss etc :) I find the atmosphere at ours (Citypark) is excellent and my daughter enjoyed it so much she is now doing Parkrun in Glasgow every Saturday so there is a bit of competition to see who is the fastest - husband wins every time!

  • That's great to hear, I've been contacted to ask if I will do a feature for parkrun on my experience. If they use it I will post the link on here. Good to hear you are enjoying it, like you say its tough at the time though.

  • Oh that's fantastic ! Well done , I am so pleased for you ! I love Parkrun, I haven't been doing it long, but I am hooked and want to go every week now ! :-)

    Yes you must post it on here , that would be great :-)

    Wheres the pic of your shoes disappeared to ? :-) xxx

  • Thanks for that Poppy, I don't know what happened to the picture and I cant see the link to re upload it.

  • I think if you go into edit post you can re-attach it , I think :-) xxx

  • so you can, what a plonker I am lol. Right its back on. Thank you

  • Oh there they are !

    Yep, its a 100% big fat YES from me :-) xxx

  • lol ta

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