Pre run anxiety W5R2

W5r2 tomorrow, feeling very anxious, can I do it ? I made the mistake at looking at what I will be doing tomorrow and can't believe I can run for that long. Am I kidding myself that I can actually get through the 9 weeks? The weather here today has been very cold and rainy and I don't feel like going out in this weather. Have set my clock for 6am and will just get out there and try my best, any advice most welcome


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21 Replies

  • Hi, it's 6.20am right now - I hope you made it out!!

    I've just completed w5 run3. My best advice is trust Laura, irs a proven program! You can do this this!

    Believe in yourself, you got this far!! You CAN do this this!

    Take it slow and steady!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!

    And if you do struggle, no shame in repeating it a few time x we are here for you :)

    Let us know how it went x

  • Let us know how you did. In doing the same run tomorrow morning and im nervous already!

  • Hope all went well? Today I completed week 6! So trust me it can be done. I had the same worries last week! Just trust Laura, she knows what she's doing.

  • I hope you made it. The changes between runs seem daunting, but if you have come this far through the programme, you will surprise yourself by going all the way. Take it easy wgen necessary, but keep at it.

  • Well if it's any consolation, we have all felt the same and somehow we have all managed to succeed and live to tell the tale. But your so right - it can look daunting and your gremlins get to work on that pretty quickly. As said, trust the programme. It really does work.

    Pre running anxiety is probably a mixture of " omg I can't do THAT" and "blimey how exciting" Your adrenaline will get you through it.

    Just follow Laura.

    But hey, if for some reason you can't do it, just repeat the session. That's fine too!

    Hope it went well? Can't wait to hear 😄

  • Hope you made it? Weather seems much better again today. Fingers crossed for you.

    As everyone else has said, I think we all feel like that through the programme but trusting Laura and going sloooooow seems to make it happen.

    Good luck!

  • I did it ! 2 x 8 min runs , I never would have believed that I could do it. Thank you all for your support. I was out at 6.15 and although it was cold I actually enjoyed it and feel invigorated for the day . As Laura says at this stage its your mind that needs to be set up as the physical evidence is that I can do it ! Bring on W5R3 on Sunday !

  • Well done. You should be proud. Keep going. You CAN do it.

  • Excellent! Well done.

    The sense of achievement that you get on this programme is incredible. A huge pat on the back.

  • Woo hoo!!

  • Well done am doing my W5R2 lunchtime today omg didn't realise it was an 8 min run saying that didn't think I could do the 5 minute run yesterday 😊

  • WEll done for completing! I am doing this run tonight (had a 2 day break to recover from wk5r1) so I am hoping that this will help me with the 8 minuter. I must say Ive been feeling really tired the past couple of days - I think its all catching up with me.

  • Great news, well done for completing. Some runs are more challenging than others but somehow you become more and more capable. Keep up the good work x

  • Well done!!! The program is quite amazing and it really works. I am still amazed each time I go out that I can do this. :).

  • Hi there, I run 3 times a week about 25K and I still get anxious before every run. Even though I know I have completed the same run a couple of days previous. YOU CAN DO IT! :d

  • This is a lovely post - glad it's not just me that gets nervous! Doing W5R1 tomorrow - cant believe I've got this far! 4 weeks ago I thought I was going to be sick after W1R1 and nearly did a Bridget Jones when I got off my bike later in the afternoon my legs were so weak!! Signed up for Pretty Muddy end of next month - bring on the mud!!!

  • Well done. I graduated a few weeks ago then my husband decided to start so I have been doing it again with him (and some extras for me). He did his W5R2 on Wednesday and was adamant he couldn't run for 8 minutes without stopping. He did it and even managed to sprint the last 60 second of each run :) . He is a little nervous for tomorrows run so we are changing our route so he will be distracted with the scenery :) . Good Luck take it slowly

  • Hope you had a good run eventually? I totally understand how you feel ...because I felt just about the same! :-) I struggled during week 1 to run for 60 seconds! and I am on week 7 run 2 tomorrow- so I suppose, if I can do it, anybody can :-)

  • Everybody has that self doubt moment a this point. Trust in the programme. Take it slow and easy and you will be surprised. It works! I doubted it myself back then and was ecstatically surprised. Go for it!

  • Thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement, it does feel like have a community of supporters with me as I run. I have never subscribed to any forums before so this has been a revelation to me and I love hearing all your stories and kind words. W5R2 tomorrow, wish me luck ! and hope you all enjoy your next run :)

  • I agree, this is a brilliant forum, full of lovely, supportive people. Its great to post after your runs as its always good to look back and see how far you have come .

    Good Luck for tomorrow, you are doing great,keep going ! :-) xxx

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