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W5R2 done and dusted!

It's taken me a while to get this far (my poor husband fell seriously ill and needed a bit of tlc) but I never gave up and got back to it when I was able. Really proud of myself today as for the first time I really enjoyed the run and the fact I could run as far as I did. I run round an old airfield and so I can see exactly where I started and therefore just how far I ran is a really good feeling.

Not looking forward to Wednesday though, my first big run. Not ashamed to say that I am proper bricking it. Any tips on how to get through it would be appreciated!

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I've the same, struggled with 8mins let alone 20mins. Almost wanna skip the 20min run and go straight onto W6. So I would appreciate some advice too, esp as stupidly I only have 13days until I'm doing a 5k race


You will be fine. Just go nice and steady. Easy does it. No need to hurry. Enjoy yourself 🙂


Hi there :)

Obviously it's completely normal to be nervous before the big one, but you've come so far already and you're just going to have to trust that your body knows what to do :) You just need to keep it slow and find a pace that you're comfortable with to see you through.

Practically speaking though, if you're running outside, have a good think about your route beforehand - I find that the less I have to think about while I'm out the better! Also, if you're using an app that lets you listen to your own music, I found that strategically placing songs that cheer me up helped - so I had them around half way, then at 15 minutes and then during the last minute (which for some reason is always the hardest for me!)

Good luck with your run! :)


Thanks for the positive words and advice. I do run outside, we live next to an old airfield so have nice wide, flat disused runways to jog on. I'm sure I'll be fine but I think my gremlin are trying to get the better of me!


Imagine squishing the gremlins with every step you take!!!


Think how far you have come and against the odds.. focus on that and not the next.

Slow and steady does it every time:)


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