W5R2 Tears and Tantrums

yesterday i ran my second run on week 5. It started of ok but about 4 min into first run my body was screaming Stop, as laura said it was a mental challenge i forced myself on.

second run i got to 4 min again and i really started to struggle, breathing got harder i practically stopped and started shouting at myself to keep going i got to the last 30 seconds and i could do no more and stopped. I am so angry with myself and feel defeated and deflated. Last night all down my right leg i had a dull ache that kept me awake. when i heard 3rd run was 20 min non stop well i am not sure i can carry on even though i really want to i am thinking i can"t do this,


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  • You can carry on! Don't give up. Think how you have progressed since starting the programme. Many of us have a bad run, sometimes we don't know why- tiredness, dehydrated, hungry, too full, weather. It could be for any number of reasons. The good thing is you went out and did it. You can always repeat a run if you need to. I am a slow runner, but I remember I had to slow down even more at the W5 stage otherwise I would not have been able to complete it. So maybe that is worth a try. I am sure you will find the next run easier, look after that leg, have you got your shoes sorted? Good luck with the programme, you have done really well, don't give up now x

  • Oh Alibags don't give in. You just had a bad run, everyone does at some point. If you don't think you're ready, then why not repeat w5r1 again before tackling run 2. I know it's been said before, but the weeks are a guideline, not a deadline. Take as long as you need. And, most importantly, well done for even getting this far and very well done for trying to keep going. Trust Laura, by the time you're able to finish this run, you'll be ready for r3. Good luck

  • I did W5R2 this morning and it defo isn't easy! It sounds as though you weren't pacing yourself properly... if you feel like you're struggling then slow down a bit - I'm forever telling myself to sloowww down and regulate my breathing. Maybe try again in a couple of days time? Don't give up, you've come soooo far! :)

  • It would be such a shame to give up on yourself right now. Remember the mantra 'Slow and Steady'. Perhaps you set off too quickly on the running sections and wore yourself out. Give it a break for a couple of days and then try W5R2 again.

    The programme isn't easy sometimes. This is a massive project that you've started on and there would not be much point to it if it was too easy would there?

    Try to hang in there because I think you would regret stopping at this stage.

    You CAN do it! Take care and rest that leg first though. Don't be hard on yourself.

  • DON'T GIVE UP. Just slow right down.. I was so slow once that a walker nearly overtook me,, it's not the speed it's the distance. Keep going and chin up

  • Yep, what everyone else says above. It was a bad run, you have got this far, DON'T give up. Have a wallow then pick yourself up and get back to it. Slow it down and repeat a few runs if necessary. You can definitely do this!!!


  • Agree you are probably going too fast, even if you don't think you are! Slow right down, drop your arms to your side - it's amazing the difference that can make to help you slow down. You might also be taking too long strides and strained your lower back muscles a bit which could account for the ache in your leg. Keep your feet close to your body, lots of little steps are better than over-striding.

    Don't be downhearted! You've done brilliantly. Yes, it is a mental challenge and most of us have battled the demons believe me! Just take it a little easier next time and if you really feel you need to walk for a bit, then walk for a bit...and carry on running as soon as you get your breath back. The most important thing is to be gentle on yourself. Be proud of what you've done so far. The odd setback is to be expected, just accept it and add it to the tally of 'runs so far' which all count. ;-)

  • Hey, we all get bad runs sometimes. Doesn't mean the next one will be hard. There is no shame in repeating a run until it feels more comfortable. You've come such a long way don't be mad at yourself. Just plug away slowly and you can do it!

  • as everyone says, you can and will do it. I am 67, never run in my life and on W6 just ahead of you. I NEVER in a million years thought I could do this but here I am still going, my speed is non existant ( like that of a sedated slug ) slow down my lovely, really slow down, take deep breaths and get back out there, then come back and tell us I DID IT !!

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