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w5r2 - achy bum cheeks!!

Just did this run quite comfortably, even taking into account the chuffing great hills I had to run up. Must have done me good though, cos I have achy glutes. I suppose it means I will be a tad peachier by xmas. I really don't know which is worse, running uphill or running downhill. I live in the Durham Dales, so when I say hill I MEAN hill! But, I did it and another p.b according to endomondo. Now, I have the day of doom run to ahem, look forward to. I imagine this run will be best tackled after a good nights sleep, but I have been tossing and turning about this one since w1r1! I'm not backing out now though, I can only try my best!

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I've also suffered with aching buttocks - I was recommended some fab stretches which I now use after every run and they've really helped.


Thanks saruma, I just had a look and will give then a go.


Well done to you, running up and down hills as well, coming from a very flat part of Essex, I have yet to tackle a hill,but I know the time will come!! Good luck with r3 you will be fine :-)


Ooooh, hills! Our hills are probably babies compared with yours, but I'm still on the fence as to whether up or down is better.

Down hill if it's a very shallow decline is good, you can lengthen your stride and really get some speed up.

Down hill if it's steep is a pain as I tend to settle back and dig my heels in so I don't go fast as I know that the momentum will eventually have my top half going faster than my bottom half and then I'll be over.

Up hill, up that long shallow incline that is so nice to run downhill is, for me, an absolute killer.

Up hill, up that steep one, well I know it's doing me good and improving my fitness (as I'm so shattered at the top and taking little fairy steps to keep going) so it can't be all bad!


At the stage I'm at even a slighty barely noticable incline turns my legs to lead!


Let's see...I think I may be well served to leave your bum cheeks alone!! :-) I will just move straight on and discuss W5R3!

You have done wonderfully to this point, even upHILLs (and a personal best, to boot!) so I am very confident when I say that I look forward to your next blog about how it went. You truly have no need to will do it!! Set your mind, set your pace and off you will go!! You have done it up to this point and YOU CAN DO THIS!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



The dreaded 20!!! ;-) You can do it! Every previous run has prepared you for it. Go slow, pace yourself and you will do fine. Hopefully, you can find a less hilly area? I dread hills! Smhall and I ran a 5K this weekend, which a group of highschoolers tracked out. Hill after hill after will take me days to recover now! :-) looking forward to your next blog! Gayle


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