Morning run

Just back from a fantastic run. Took a detour and ran a lovely flat trail (didn't want to push the knee too much) through some woods that came out in the village and then ran the road, down a cut through and down the high street. Only 3.02km and 25 minutes running, but I didn't want to push too hard. Looking at the map on Runkeeper I think I can extend the distance a bit if I don't take the cut through. :)

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  • Lovely! Beautiful start to the day... :)

    It has been mentioned before, but isn't it great how we get into the , oh, it was 'only' 3k or 5K? Brilliant :)

  • That's very sensible of you, it makes returning to running so much more enjoyable when you don't worry about time or distance. Having had knee problems myself I have found yatesco daily 60 squats really helpful, and if you space then out during the day, they are really easy to complete, any time you find yourself standing still e.g. waiting for the kettle to boil, drop in a few squats. You'll have stronger knees in no time.

  • Oh, now I feel bad. First they aren't mine - I wouldn't inflict them on anybody! They are from the wisdom of IbenCopenhagen :-).

    Second, I did 20 yesterday and then completely forgot to do them today. Better get squatting now :-).

  • Sorry yatesco for all the times I have cursed you whilst doing squats, but glad I have reminded you to do them NOW, sorry IbenCopenhagen for not acknowledging your wisdom in inflicting daily squats upon us and a massive thank you for getting my knees working better.

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